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Bennet Campaign Press Release - James Carville: I'm for Michael Bennet

December 05, 2019

DENVER — Democratic strategist James Carville and political commentator Al Hunt made clear on their latest podcast that Michael Bennet is their top candidate.

HUNT: Michael Bennet, who probably is the favorite candidate for Carville and Hunt... there's no United States Senator that I would be as confident would be as good a president as Michael Bennet. ...

CARVILLE: I'm for Michael Bennet. I'm not even being cute about it. And why am I? Because...if 25 people with 2020 vision said to you, "James, you got some shaving cream on your ear lobe," you probably have shaving cream on your ear lobe. Well if 25 people whose opinions I respect start the conversation with, "James, you know, Michael Bennet would be the best president," then goddamnit, why not be for him? ...

HUNT: He can sit at that table for an hour and a half, and he can have a dialogue and impress people, probably more than anyone else in the field. ...

CARVILLE: He's gonna succeed by his resolve, by his knowledge, by his depth, by his politeness, his humanity. That's what people want. ...

HUNT: Well, A. he could win, and, B. he could govern. And boy, those are two pretty important requisites right now.

This is not the first time Bennet has garnered praise from Carville as the top candidate in the race.

According to the Associated Press in August, "Carville also said [Bennet] would make an even better nominee than Joe Biden because 'he'd be new, different, younger and ... could project forward.'"

Carville has previously said that "the way to beat Trump is to be as profoundly different from Trump as you can be. … If the country is looking for the most unlike Donald Trump person, I think Michael Bennet is that person."

In describing Michael Bennet, he also said, "If they were going to go into a laboratory, and bring out the perfect candidate — someone who believes in public service, someone who is very smart, well spoken, decent, superintendent of schools in Denver, successful in business, one of the two or three most respected in the U.S. Senate. A man...of total decency, really cares about the country."

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