Franklin D. Roosevelt

Announcement of the Arrival of Prime Minister Churchill

December 22, 1941

The British Prime Minister has arrived in the United States to discuss with the President all questions relevant to the concerted war effort. Mr. Churchill is accompanied by Lord Beaverbrook and a technical staff. Mr. Churchill is the guest of the President.

There is, of course, one primary objective in the conversations to be held during the next few days between the President and the British Prime Minister and the respective staffs of the two countries. That purpose is the defeat of Hitlerism through. out the world.

It should be remembered that many other Nations are engaged today in this common task. Therefore the present conferences in Washington should be regarded as preliminary to further conferences which will officially include Russia, China, the Netherlands, and the [British] dominions. It is expected that there will thus be evolved an over-all unity in the conduct of the war. Other Nations will be asked to participate to the best of their ability in the over-all objective.

It is probable that no further announcements will be made until the end of the present conferences, but it may be assumed that the other interested Nations will be kept in close touch with this preliminary planning.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Announcement of the Arrival of Prime Minister Churchill Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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