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Acts Approved by the President

October 30, 1998

Approved October 22[xxxi]*

H.R. 2616 / Public Law 105-278

Charter School Expansion Act of 1998

Approved October 23[xxxii]*

H.R. 1659 / Public Law 105-279

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Completion Act

Approved October 26

H.R. 2411 / Public Law 105-280

To provide for a land exchange involving the Cape Cod National Seashore and to extend the authority for the Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission

H.R. 2886 / Public Law 105-281

Granite Watershed Enhancement and Protection Act of 1998

H.R. 3796 / Public Law 105-282

To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to convey the administrative site for the Rogue River National Forest and use the proceeds for the construction or improvement of offices and support buildings for the Rogue River National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management

H.R. 4081 / Public Law 105-283

To extend the deadline under the Federal Power Act applicable to the construction of a hydroelectric project in the State of Arkansas

H.R. 4284 / Public Law 105-284

To authorize the Government of India to establish a memorial to honor Mahatma Gandhi in the District of Columbia Approved October 27

S. 2206 / Public Law 105-285

Community Opportunities, Accountability, and Training and Educational Services Act of 1998

H.R. 8 / Public Law 105-286

Border Smog Reduction Act of 1998 H.R. 624 / Public Law 105-287

Armored Car Reciprocity Amendments of 1998

H.R. 1021 / Public Law 105-288

Miles Land Exchange Act of 1998

H.R. 1197 / Public Law 105-289

Plant Patent Amendments Act of 1998

H.R. 2186 / Public Law 105-290

To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to provide assistance to the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming

H.R. 2370 / Public Law 105-291

Guam Organic Act Amendments of 1998

H.R. 2431 / Public Law 105-292

International Religious Freedom Act of 1998

H.R. 2795 / Public Law 105-293

Irrigation Project Contract Extension Act of 1998

H.R. 3069 / Public Law 105-294

Advisory Council on California Indian Policy Extension Act of 1998

H.R. 4079 / Public Law 105-295

To authorize the construction of temperature control devices at Folsom Dam in California

H.R. 4166 / Public Law 105-296

To amend the Idaho Admission Act regarding the sale or lease of school land

S. 53 / Public Law 105-297

Curt Flood Act of 1998

S. 505 / Public Law 105-298

To amend the provisions of title 17, United States Code, with respect to the duration of copyright, and for other purposes

S. 1298 / Public Law 105-299

To designate a Federal building located in Florence, Alabama, as the "Justice John McKinley Federal Building"

S. 1892 / Public Law 105-300

To provide that a person closely related to a judge of a court exercising judicial power under article III of the United States Constitution (other than the Supreme Court) may not be appointed as a judge of the same court, and for other purposes

S. 1976 / Public Law 105-301

Crime Victims With Disabilities Awareness Act

S. 2235 / Public Law 105-302

To amend part Q of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to encourage the use of school resource officers

Approved October 28

H.R. 1702 / Public Law 105-303

Commercial Space Act of 1998

H.R. 2281 / Public Law 105-304

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

H.R. 3332 / Public Law 105-305

Next Generation Internet Research Act of 1998

H.R. 4558 / Public Law 105-306

Noncitizen Benefit Clarification and Other Technical Amendments Act of 1998

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