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Acts Approved by the President

October 04, 1996

Approved September 30

H.R. 3675 / Public Law 104-205

Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1997

H.R. 3816 / Public Law 104-206

Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 1997

H.J. Res. 197 / Public Law 104-207

Waiving certain enrollment requirements with respect to any bill or joint resolution of the One Hundred Fourth Congress making general or continuing appropriations for fiscal year 1997

H.R. 3610 / Public Law 104-208

Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act, 1997

Approved October 1

H.R. 1772 / Public Law 104-209

To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to acquire certain interests in the Waihee Marsh for inclusion in the Oahu National Wildlife Refuge Complex

H.R. 2428 / Public Law 104-210

To encourage the donation of food and grocery products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals by giving the Model Good Samaritan Food Donation Act the full force and effect of law

H.R. 2464 / Public Law 104-211

To amend Public Law 103-93 to provide additional lands within the State of Utah for the Goshute Indian Reservation, and for other purposes

H.R. 2679 / Public Law 104-212

To revise the boundary of the North Platte National Wildlife Refuge, to expand the Pettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge, and for other purposes

H.R. 2982 / Public Law 104-213

Carbon Hill National Fish Hatchery Conveyance Act

H.R. 3120 / Public Law 104-214

To amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to witness retaliation, witness tampering and jury tampering

H.R. 3287 / Public Law 104-215

Crawford National Fish Hatchery Conveyance Act

H.R. 3553 / Public Law 104-216

Federal Trade Commission Reauthorization Act of 1996

H.R. 3676 / Public Law 104-217

Carjacking Correction Act of 1996

H.J. Res. 191 / Public Law 104-218

To confer honorary citizenship of the United States on Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, also known as Mother Teresa

S. 533 / Public Law 104-219

To clarify the rules governing removal of cases to Federal court, and for other purposes

S. 677 / Public Law 104-220

To repeal a redundant venue provision, and for other purposes

S. 1636 / Public Law 104-221

To designate the United States Courthouse under construction at 1030 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, as the "Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse", and for other purposes

S. 1995 / Public Law 104-222

To authorize construction of the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum Dulles Center at Washington Dulles International Airport, and for other purposes

H.R. 2512 / Public Law 104-223

Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Infrastructure Development Trust Fund Act of 1996

Approved October 2

H.R. 2366 / Public Law 104-224

To repeal an unnecessary medical device reporting requirement

H.R. 2504 / Public Law 104-225

To designate the Federal building located at the corner of Patton Avenue and Otis Street, and the United States courthouse located on Otis Street, in Asheville, North Carolina, as the "Veach-Baley Federal Complex"

H.R. 2685 / Public Law 104-226

To repeal the Medicare and Medicaid Coverage Data Bank

H.R. 3060 / Public Law 104-227

Antarctic Science, Tourism, and Conservation Act of 1996

H.R. 3186 / Public Law 104-228

To designate the Federal building located at 1655 Woodson Road in Overland, Missouri, as the "Sammy L. Davis Federal Building"

H.R. 3400 / Public Law 104-229

To designate the Federal building and the United States courthouse to be constructed at a site on 18th Street between Dodge and Douglas Streets in Omaha, Nebraska, as the "Roman L. Hruska Federal Building and United States Courthouse"

H.R. 3710 / Public Law 104-230

To designate the United States courthouse under construction at 611 North Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida, as the "Sam M. Gibbons United States Courthouse"

H.R. 3802 / Public Law 104-231

Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996

H.R. 1507 / Public Law 104-232

Parole Commission Phaseout Act of 1996

S. 1834 / Public Law 104-233

To reauthorize the Indian Environmental General Assistance Program Act of 1992, and for other purposes

H.R. 3074 / Public Law 104-234

To amend the United States-Israel Free Trade Area Implementation Act of 1985 to provide the President with additional proclamation authority with respect to articles of the West Bank or Gaza Strip or a qualifying industrial zone

Approved October 3

S. 919 / Public Law 104-235

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Amendments of 1996

S. 1675 / Public Law 104-236

Pam Lychner Sexual Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996

S. 1965 / Public Law 104-237

Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act of 1996

S. 2101 / Public Law 104-238

Federal Law Enforcement Dependents Assistance Act of 1996

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