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Date Related Document Title
Aug 03, 1993 William J. Clinton Interview With the Nevada Media
these people being smuggled ininin effect, slave boats, all …
Feb 04, 2007 John Edwards Interview with Tim Russert on NBC News' "Meet the Press"
of our troops and serving ininin Iraq. Now, we know that a …
May 13, 2007 John McCain Interview with Tim Russert on NBC News' "Meet the Press"
risking their lives as we speak ininin Iraq. And I know that they …
Nov 04, 2007 Fred Thompson Interview with Tim Russert on NBC News' "Meet the Press"
of course, that, that is ininin, you know, anything like …
Jul 30, 2015 Bernie Sanders Remarks with Joseph Stiglitz, James Galbraith, and Stephanie Kelton in a Discussion on the Greek Debt Crisis
businesses—or more than 90 percent in—in—in—in - in Greece are small businesses …
Sep 12, 2015 Barack Obama Interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC
how-- that's how things work ininin a democracy. And I do worry …
Sep 24, 2015 Jim Webb Remarks in RFD-TV’s "Rural Town Hall" West Des Moines, Iowa
and so, you could say this a parallel and...and that … you know, one farm in uh these rural areas.  So the …
Jun 27, 2019 Presidential Candidate Debates Democratic Candidates Debate in Miami, Florida: Group 2
Let me get to you in—in—in just a second …
Aug 05, 2020 Donald J. Trump Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden Says He'll Surrender To China On Trade, Scrap Tariffs Without Any Concessions
unintelligible] in in fr- inininin open trade and making sure …