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Richard Nixon: Remarks With the Governors-Elect of New Jersey and Virginia.
Richard Nixon
429 - Remarks With the Governors-Elect of New Jersey and Virginia.
November 5, 1969
Public Papers of the Presidents
Richard Nixon<br>1969
Richard Nixon

District of Columbia
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I WANT to take this opportunity to welcome the two new Governors-elect from New Jersey and Virginia.

It is rather interesting to note that, while they are both Republicans and both outstanding winners in these States, this is the first time they have met. So, we have brought you together right here at the White House.

In speaking of them, I want to say that many will try to attribute their victories to what others did. They had a lot of support, a lot of support from outside the State and within the State, friends across the country. But having been a candidate many times, I know that the one who wins it is the man. These are two superb candidates. I could say that the only ones who really deserve any other credit are their wives.

Each of the Governors, as candidates, pledged that they were going to work with the Federal administration on the programs for their States. We thought we ought to start that working together today, the day after the election. That is why they are here. We are going to have lunch in the White House. We are going to discuss some of these problems and get going.

Would you like to say a word first, Bill? You are back in Washington where you have been awhile.

GOVERNOR-ELECT WILLIAM T. CAHILL. Mr. President, Governor Holton, first I certainly want to express on behalf of Mrs. Cahill and myself and our entire family and the family of Republicans in the State of New Jersey our appreciation to you for your tremendous assistance in the campaign and for your always generous efforts on our behalf.

We in New Jersey look to the White House, of course, for the leadership, not only of the country, but as far as our State is concerned. We look forward in this new administration to a truly cooperative effort to implement the "New Federalism" announced by you, and hopefully one that will bring to our State the necessary assistance to cope with the many problems of our State.

I really believe, Mr. President, that the victory at the polls yesterday was an expression of all of the people of the State of New Jersey, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, expressing their desire for a change, expressing the hope that we can really bring new solutions to these old problems.

I look forward with great anticipation and great pleasure to future work with you and your associates here in Washington.

Thank you very much, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT. And now to Governor-elect Holton, the first Republican to be elected in the State of Virginia as Governor for 87 years.

I should say, incidentally, Governor-elect Cahill is the first Republican to be elected in the State of New Jersey in 16 years, since 1953.

Would you like to say a word about your new responsibilities, Governor Holton?

GOVERNOR-ELECT A. LINWOOD HOLTON. Thank you, Mr. President. I must say, it is going to take a little while to get used to that title.

We are, of course, tremendously pleased, too, and I think that the things Governor-elect Cahill has said about cooperation with you and the administration and the better allocation of power and responsibility back to the States is something that you have very forcefully presented and is really good news in Virginia.

I think that certainly there is a great deal of that element involved in our election.

We appreciate, Jinks 1 and I, what you said about our efforts, but we do want you to know, and I can bring this to you from all Virginians, that we appreciated your assistance and your help. You came at the right time. Your appearance with us was a magnificent assist.

1Virginia R. (Jinks) Holton, wife of Governor-elect Holton.

I am not going into anything else, except just to say "many thanks," Mr. President. It is great to be with you here today in this victory seat. It feels pretty good.

THE PRESIDENT. Well, I do want to say to both of these successful candidates that as I saw them come up today and how well they looked and how healthy, that there is nothing like winning to make you look very good and very healthy.

I know how it can feel the other way, too.

Note: The President spoke at 1:05 p.m. on the North Lawn at the White House, where he and Mrs. Nixon and Vice President and Mrs. Agnew greeted Governors-elect Cahill and Holton and their wives.
Citation: Richard Nixon: "Remarks With the Governors-Elect of New Jersey and Virginia.," November 5, 1969. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=2307.
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