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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: State, Local, Tribal, and Territory Leaders Applaud President Biden's State of the Union Address

March 02, 2022

In his first State of the Union, the President spoke directly to the American people about his vision to build a better America. He reminded the country that our best days lie ahead, and that his President is about giving everyone a fair shot -- because when given half a shot, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. The Biden-Harris Administration's domestic agenda represents an historic shift from the old, outdated trickle-down approach to one that puts workers, families, and small businesses first.

The President also announced his unity agenda, consisting of four areas where we have historically been able to come together and find agreement regardless of party. He has called on Congress to send bills to his desk to deliver progress for the American people: to beat the opioid crisis, address mental health, support our veterans, and end cancer as we know it.

Over the next year, the Biden-Harris Administration will continue working to make communities safer, combat COVID, and create good-paying jobs through revitalized domestic manufacturing.

State and elected officials as well as tribal and territory leaders championed the President's remarks.

Here's what they are saying:

Governors and Lieutenant Governors

California Governor Gavin Newsom: "What a vision tonight. A President standing up to Russia and leading the world through crisis. Backed by two incredible California women leaders. Elections matter." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont: "I commend President Biden for all that he and Vice President Harris have achieved, and I applaud the President's vision and goals that he outlined in his speech tonight. He presented a clear and achievable plan to lower everyday costs for all Americans, to strengthen our economy, and to ensure a fair shot at the American dream for all Americans with an economy built from the bottom up and the middle out. In Connecticut, we're working to achieve the same goals. We're making historic investments in developing a modern workforce to fill Connecticut jobs, make Connecticut products, and reduce costs for Connecticut families. Likewise, just as President Biden proposed a plan to reduce the costs of everyday expenses, including energy and prescription drugs, in my Connecticut Difference budget we tackle these challenges head-on." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker: "Liberty, democracy, and humanity will defeat tyranny and oppression every time, but only if we stand up for them. Tonight, we reaffirmed this nation's solidarity with Ukraine from the floor of the United States Capitol. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton: "We kick off #WomensHistoryMonth with two women seated behind @POTUS. Yes! #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"I believe, as @POTUS reminded us tonight, that America's best days lie ahead. I'm immensely grateful for Oregon's partnership with President Biden, and for his commitment to growing the economy from the bottom up so that every American can get a fair shot." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan: "I'm glad to see that even President Biden is now supporting our common sense efforts to crack down on violent crime and re-fund our police." [Twitter, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz: "@POTUS has delivered for the American people. Between the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and my Local Jobs and Projects Plan, we'll rebuild roads and bridges across Minnesota." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak: "Great to see @POTUS talk about his focus on jobs & the economy. In Nevada, we're laser focused on our recovery & our economy is rated one of the fastest growing in the nation as a result. We'll continue our work to create an economy that works for Nevadans & families. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy: ".@POTUS's forceful support of a free and democratic Ukraine against Russian aggression showed that principled American leadership on the global stage is back. We stand with the people of Ukraine as they defend their freedom and independence. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Tonight, @POTUS put forward a bold and broad vision to build a better American and prove that we are stronger than the challenges we face. The state of our union remains strong and resilient. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New York Governor Kathy Hochul: "In his first #SOTU address, @POTUS outlined a unifying vision to build a stronger America as we recover from the pandemic. New Yorkers have seen firsthand the benefits of his accomplishments and I look forward to our continued partnership to usher in a New Era for New York." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Democratic Governors Association Chair: "This evening, President Joe Biden delivered a message directly to the American people of how far we've come and how much more we can accomplish together. In the face of unprecedented challenges, President Biden has delivered on his promise to provide relief for working families and grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out. Thanks to President Biden's American Rescue Plan, entrepreneurship and business investment are rebounding, and the economy has achieved its fastest job growth in history and the fastest economic growth in nearly 40 years. Like us Democratic governors, the president knows that crumbling roads and increased prices have a big impact on hardworking Americans. Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, governors have the funds to fix roads and bridges and invest in much-needed broadband expansion. President Biden and Democratic governors are also laying out plans to lower costs for American families ? because money back in people's pockets can make a big difference. Most importantly, the president looked ahead and urged Americans to be optimistic and unite to build a better future. He outlined his vision to grow the economy and invest in America, tackle the opioid crisis, address mental health challenges, and keep our promise to our veterans. President Biden's agenda delivers something for every American ? and we look forward to implementing it in our states to improve the livelihoods of hardworking American families." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

Oregon Governor Kate Brown: "In Oregon, we're focused on doing the big and bold work to help our working families thrive, and the President's plan absolutely complements our efforts." [ABC News, 2/1/22]

"Oregon stands with Ukraine for democracy, peace, and justice. We stand ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees, and do anything else we can to work with the White House to help. Thank you @POTUS for uniting the world community against Russia's egregious attack." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"For working families, child care is infrastructure. Here in Oregon, I'm working with the Legislature to make child care more accessible and affordable, and I'm glad it's also a priority for @POTUS as well." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"In Oregon, we're focused on doing the big and bold work to help our working families thrive, and the President's plan absolutely complements our efforts." [ABC News, 2/1/22]

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers: "Since 2019, we've worked together improving over 1,250 bridges and 1,700 miles of highway ? putting those roads end to end, you could almost drive from Platteville to Denver and back. With @POTUS' bipartisan infrastructure plan, we'll build on our progress and fix the damn roads." [Tweet, 3/1/22]


Albany, NY Mayor Kathy Sheehan: "This evening, @POTUS reminded us of the progress of the last year in the face of deep challenges, the character, courage, and resilience of the American people, and his optimism for the future. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Atlanta, GA Mayor Andre Dickens: "This is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time. And we will, as one people. Thank you @POTUS for your leadership. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler: "I am looking forward to @POTUS' first State of the Union speech tonight. Despite a year of significant challenges, so much progress has been made by this administration. Make sure you watch or listen tonight starting at 8 p.m. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Chattanooga, TN Mayor Tim Kelly: "Exciting SOTU announcement by @POTUS. This will help residents right here in Chattanooga. By connecting more of our neighbors to care and better equipping mental health professionals, we can better take on nearly every major challenge facing our city." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Chicago, IL Mayor Lori Lightfoot: "Agree w/@POTUS "More goods moving faster and cheaper in America. More jobs where you can earn a good living in America. And instead of relying on foreign supply chains, let's make it in America." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Cincinnati, OH Mayor Aftab Pureval: "In the State of the Union, @POTUS will underscore our nation's historic investment in the health and economic opportunity of American families. The Biden-Harris Administration took bold action while leading us through the pandemic and defending democracy. We stand with them." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Cleveland, OH Mayor Justin M. Bibb: "Tonight's #SOTU will show that @POTUS + @VP have delivered for Cleveland with the passage of the American Rescue Plan + the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The work must continue to #BuildBackBetter." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Denver, CO Mayor Michael B. Hancock: "I look forward to hearing what the @POTUS shares during the #SOTU tonight. Denver is proud to partner with this Administration as we build equitable, economic recovery for our residents, address public health and safety concerns in our communities and more. #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Thank you @POTUS for standing up for democracy against Russian aggression and recognizing the bravery of the Ukrainian people that has inspired all of us. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Denver, CO Mayor Michael B. Hancock: "Infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges, it's about people. It's time to rebuild America and make it more equitable and inclusive for all. Thank you for making record investments in our residents, @POTUS. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"As violent crime is rising in cities across this nation, including Denver - it's reassuring to hear the @POTUS's commitment to hire more officers, keep guns off our streets and protect the health and public safety in our communities. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Durham, NC Mayor Elaine O'Neal: "Tonight I'll be tuning in to watch President Biden deliver his first #SOTU address. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Administration's new initiatives and how we will work together to build a better America for all." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Encinitas, CA Mayor Catherine Blakespear: "Tonight, President Biden delivered a hopeful message to a divided country. His speech laid out a plan of action that will lift working families out of poverty, repair our nation's infrastructure, stregthen public health, and treat our vets with the care they deserve. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Hartford, CT Mayor Luke Bronin: "Grateful to hear @POTUS talking about mental health, and especially for his focus on kids. We had a rising mental health crisis pre-pandemic. We have a bigger one now." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Irvine, CA Mayor Farrah N. Khan: "@POTUS spoke about reducing the cost of everyday expenses working families face: *incl energy costs, *child/elder care, & *prescription drugs He announced a unity agenda, for Congress to send bills to *beat the opioid crisis & *take on the mental health crisis #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Los Angeles, CA Mayor Eric Garcetti: ""Invest in America. Educate Americans. Grow the workforce. Build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not from the top down." This is Joe Biden's vision for America, and we're better for it. Thank you @POTUS for your leadership today and everyday." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Long Beach, CA Mayor Robert Garcia: "Great night for the President - and the country. Now let's deliver for working families." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Louisville, KY Mayor Greg Fischer: "I'm thankful to @POTUS for working tirelessly to address deep, long-brewing challenges with investments in infrastructure & safe communities & his continued focus on bridging divides to build a bright future for America at home and abroad. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Madison, WI Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway: "@POTUS' Infrastructure framework will make historic investments throughout Wisconsin in climate, broadband, clean water, legacy pollution, roads, bridges, and more. #SOTU." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"During @POTUS first year in office, he got the #AmericanRescuePlanAct and the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw passed ? two historic pieces of legislation that will have long-lasting impacts on Madison. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Miami-Dade County Mayor Levine Cava: "Tonight, @POTUS provided us with an effective roadmap for our nation. He is leading us out of the chaos of the pandemic, through the fog of Russia's war in Ukraine, and into a brighter, more prosperous future that levels the playing field and grows our economy for everyone." [Tweet, 3/1/21]

Montgomery, AL Mayor Steven Reed: "Reducing the cost of prescription drugs will help thousands of Montgomerians get the health care they need to live a long, fulfilling life. We need to reduce prescription drugs ? and we need to do it NOW. SR #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Tonight's #SOTU is hitting home for Montgomery. We support any and all investment in our HBCUs, community colleges and institutions that prepare our workforce for the new economy of jobs. SR" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Mount Vernon, NY Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard: "Ready for @POTUS to deliver his first #SOTU address. The Biden Administration and their work on helping small cities through #AmericanRescuePlan funding has been a blessing. Looking forward to hearing new ideas and innovations tonight on #gunviolence #inflation #studentdebt" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New York City, NY Mayor Eric Adams: "Tonight, @POTUS laid out a clear vision for a better America ? one with a stronger economy, safer streets, that invests in health care, that wins the fight against #COVID19 and that defends democracy at home and abroad. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Tonight, President Biden laid out his vision about how to build a better America ? one with a stronger economy, one that has safer streets with fewer guns, one that invests in our health care system and moves towards normal routines again while keeping up the fight against COVID-19, and one that defends democracy, both at home and abroad. While everything the president spoke about is worthy to note, I am deeply grateful that President Biden directly mentioned two heroes who sacrificed their lives for the people of New York City ? Detectives Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora. These two men died in the line of duty, and we must honor them by being clear that we will not abandon our streets, just as the president said. Public safety and justice are prerequisites to prosperity, so we must end the wave of gun violence we are seeing across New York and the rest of the nation." [Statement, 3/1/22]

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander: How to lower costs for families? ?Cut the cost of child care ???Lower prescription drug prices ??Invest in affordable housing ?Cut costs not wages #SOTU2022 [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Oakland, CA Mayor Libby Schaaf: "Cheers for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill! The same week it was signed into law, #Oakland received $14.5 M to help transform + improve biking, walking, and public transit connections near our downtown + waterfront. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Philadelphia, PA Mayor Jim Kenney: "Tonight, @POTUS will deliver his #SOTU to the American people. The Biden-Harris Administration has worked hard to lift people out of poverty through the #AmericanRescuePlan, make critical updates to our nation's infrastructure, and support working families." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Philadelphia City Councilmember Derek Green: "Thank you @POTUS @WhiteHouse ARPA helped everyone and left no one behind. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Phoenix, AZ Mayor Kate Gallego: "I applaud President Biden's agenda which will fuel our economy for the future, and I proudly stand with him for the resilient future of this city and for our nation. @POTUS #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pittsburgh, PA Mayor Ed Gainey: "Tonight, @POTUS laid out his Administration's plan to tackle unprecedented crises, rebuild the economy, and deliver results for working families." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Richmond, VA Mayor Levar Stoney: "Join me in watching @POTUS deliver his first #SOTU address! I'm looking forward to hearing about all the great work the Administration has accomplished and what's ahead for the future. You can watch live on social media or at ." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"I applaud @POTUS' vision for creating a better America for all, which will lead to lower costs for working families, better-paying jobs, stronger supply chains, safer and healthier communities, a cleaner environment, and so much more. ?? #SOTU22" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Sacramento, CA Mayor Darrell Steinberg: "Tonight, @POTUS offered a clear message of unity in defense of democracy over autocracy. While addressing critical challenges abroad, he has led domestically with vital investments in the future of our country's infrastructure, families & initiatives to tackle climate change." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Salt Lake City, UT Mayor Erin Mendenhall: "It's a complex time and so much is at stake. I hope you'll join me tonight supporting @POTUS for the State of the Union Address. We're stronger together and we must present a united front to help with issues abroad and solve those at home." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Salem, MA Mayor Kim Driscoll: "On this, the first day of Women's History Month, Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made history as this is the first time two women sat behind a United States President during the State of the Union address. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Salisbury, MD Mayor Jake Day: "As a veteran on the Burn Pit Registry, I'm beyond grateful that @POTUS announced increased assistance to all who have experienced negative health effects while in the military. #SOTU2022 " [Tweet, 3/1/22]

San Diego, CA Mayor Todd Gloria: "Let's be clear: the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is a massive achievement. It is going to help us expand transit options, rebuild our deteriorating roads, and make climate friendly investments to benefit the next generation of San Diegans. #ForAllofUs #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Because of @POTUS' and @VP's leadership, cities like ours have had the resources to test, vaccinate, and boost hundreds of thousands of our residents to get through the worst periods of #COVID19. We are closer than ever to putting the pandemic behind us. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"This was the #SOTU the country needed to hear from @POTUS. San Diego stands ready to help build a better America and address the real challenges our communities face from housing affordability and homelessness to infrastructure and public safety. #ForAllofUs" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

San Francisco, CA Mayor London Breed: "The plans outlined by President Biden tonight for everything from our economic recovery, to addressing the drug crisis and using every tool at our disposal to finally emerge from the pandemic will have a profound impact on our city and our country. Let's get it done." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Savannah, GA Mayor Van Johnson: "Get right to it, @POTUS- "Putin was wrong - We were ready" #SOUTU #StateOfTheUnion" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Thank you @POTUS and @VP for making the #AmericanRescuePlan your top priority when you first took office. #Savannah is better because of it. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Seattle, WA Mayor Bruce Harrell: "The state of our union is strong with @POTUS Biden in the White House, despite challenges at home and abroad. Thanks to the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw, Seattle is ready to rebuild critical infrastructure and invest in #cleanenergy to build a more sustainable future. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Shelby, OH City Councilmember Garland John Gates: "Let's end #cancer as we know it. This is personal." - @Potus Joe Biden #SOTU #StateOfTheUnion" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

St. Louis, MO Mayor Tishaura Jones: "Tonight I'm tuning in to watch @POTUS deliver his first #SOTU address. From strengthening our infrastructure to providing direct relief through the #AmericanRescuePlan, President Biden is helping cities implement innovative new ideas." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Fixing roads Repairing bridges ? Expanding public transit For cities like St. Louis, the Infrastructure Law represents a big opportunity for our communities. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

St. Paul, MN Mayor Melvin Carter: "We're done talking about an infrastructure week; we're now talking about an infrastructure decade!" -@POTUS #SOTU2022 Let's #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Talladega, AL Mayor Tim Ragland: "Joe Biden & Kamala Harris have produced HISTORIC economic results for the people of Alabama & Americans across this nation. Unlike the previous administration, they have worked to grow the economy from the bottom up instead of hoping it trickled down to regular folks. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tampa, FL Mayor Jane Castor: ".@POTUS promised to #BuildBackBetter & this work is evident! The Biden-Harris economic strategy is producing historic results in communities throughout America - including right here in Tampa. #SOTU #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"I stand with @POTUS & our entire country in support of the Ukrainian people. Democracy must prevail over autocracy. #SOTU #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tucson, AZ Mayor Regina Romero: "86% of #Tucson homicides in 2021 were the result of gun violence. As Co-Chair of #MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns, I stand with @POTUS in asking Congress for additional resources to reduce gun crime by investing in violence interruptors. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser: "We look forward to having office workers return to DC as we build a better future together. As President Biden said: this is our moment. So let's embrace it and push forward together. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Tonight, President Biden presented the nation with a united, fortified, and clear path forward ? a path where the United States is a global leader in standing up for democracy and the values that are at the core of our social fabric as Americans. Under President Biden, our nation has confronted incredible challenges. We've experienced tremendous loss and have had to endure sacrifices that we never imagined we'd confront. But through historic investment, determined leadership, and a collective courage, our nation has continued our path to recovery and an even brighter future. We still have a lot of work to do and much to accomplish. But President Biden reminded us that our best days lie ahead. As proud Washingtonians, we know that to be true. Over the past two years, we have witnessed the resilience of our city and the strength of our people. And as Mayor of my hometown, I couldn't be prouder of how we've come back stronger than ever. This coming year, I will continue to work with the Biden-Harris Administration, Congress, and regional leaders on the priorities we know will help give all DC residents a fair shot, including becoming the 51st state." [Statement, 3/1/22]

Westland, MI Mayor Bill Wild: "Big night for unity, big night for democracy. #SOTU @WhiteHouse @POTUS" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"@POTUS lays out strong domestic plan amid ongoing #COVID19 pandemic and Russian aggression in #Ukraine @WhiteHouse #sotu" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

West Hollywood, CA Mayor Lauren Meister: ""Fund them. (Provide) resources and training." Thank you @POTUS" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

West Sacramento, CA Mayor Martha Guerrero: "Tonight @POTUS announced his Unity Agenda at the SOTU, I applaud ?? the four bold initiatives to beat the opioid crisis, establish full mental health parity, support our vets and end cancer." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Yonkers, NY Mayor Mike Spano: "The American Rescue Plan helped cities like Yonkers address issues concerning mental health, the opioid pandemic, and providing a better quality of life for our communities. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

State Legislators

Alaska Senate Minority Leader Tom Begich: "Proud of @POTUS 's speech tonight. Inspirational support for Ukraine and democracy; an economic plan to build America up by building things right here; a plan to keep us healthy, safe; and, focused on unity in the future, not the divisiveness of our past. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Alaska Representative Zack Fields: "Thanks to @POTUS for resolve to defeat Putin and protect freedom. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Arizona Representative César N. Chávez: "The reforming of prescription drugs in America is a game changer for families who depend on their medication. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]
Arizona Representative César N. Chávez: "Defunding the police is NOT the answer! Let's eradicate violence, and drug & human trafficking out of communities like mine (Maryvale). And let's invest in our law enforcement, athletic & educational programs, and make our neighborhoods safe. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Senate President Pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins: "Tonight, @POTUS made it clear that America does not cozy up to dictators. We stand for preserving peace and protecting innocent people. We will not stand by this unprovoked attack. It was inspiring to see blue & yellow throughout the chamber. United we stand with Ukraine. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Senate President Pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins: "Hold Putin accountable Invest in workers Out childcare costs Pass the Equality Act to protect #LGBTQ+ and #Trans folx I applaud @POTUS' dedication to raising working families out of poverty, and creating a stronger, more just, and more equal nation. ? #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin: "Saving lives is common sense. I was thrilled to hear @POTUS outline his comprehensive strategy to make our communities safer and reduce gun crime. His call for Congress to pass commonsense gun violence legislation like #universalbackgroundchecks will save countless lives #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Assemblymember Chris Ward: "Great #SOTU from @POTUS ! Covered a lot of ground, including the importance of lowering costs for American families and protecting access to health care. Glad to see him push for the #proact and address the Russian invasion in Ukraine. "Freedom will always triumph over tyranny." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Colorado Senate Democratic Caucus: "In his 1st year in office, @POTUS worked hard to pass the historic bipartisan infrastructure package! The package brings billions of $$ to Colorado to: ??Improve roads & bridges ??Invest in public transportation ??Protect against wildfires #SOTU2022 #copolitics #coleg" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Colorado Representative David Ortiz: "Yes!! Biden mentioning finally getting care for veterans suffering from #burnpits. What other proof do you need that Democrats ACTUALLY care about doing the most for vets?" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Colorado Representative Dylan Roberts: "It was only a few years ago when a small group of advocates and I were sounding the alarm about insulin prices. Now, CO has affordable insulin for *everyone* AND the @POTUS is talking about it in his State of the Union speech - really something. #insulin4all #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff: "Always lots of work to do, but tonight's #SOTU speech by #PresidentBiden gave Americans hope for the future, showed strength to the world and brought unity to a divided nation. I'm as optimistic about the path ahead as ever before. ?? ??@POTUS ?? #StateOfTheUnion" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Connecticut Representative Sean Scanlon: "The President knocked that speech out of the park. "Now is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time and we will." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Connecticut Representative Gary Turco: "Standing up to Putin, prompting American manufacturing, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and child care, making wealthy corporations and individuals pay their fair share so the cost of living can be lowered for lower and income class families ??This is an agenda we can all be proud of and should get behind to lift up all of America." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Delaware Senator Darius Brown: "In Delaware we have made historic investments under the Biden administration in #infrastructure to strengthen our economic competitiveness and revitalize underserved neighborhoods. #sotu #potus #webuild" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Delaware Senator Sarah McBride: "Tonight, @POTUS once again called for Congress to pass paid leave. The president's homestate is ready to do our part. We're passing The Healthy Delaware Families Act this year and will deliver paid leave in The First State. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book: "Tonight, President Biden reminded the American people how far we've come over the past year. The President has delivered on his promise to champion a bipartisan, once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure, creating millions of good-paying jobs and making a real impact on communities, and, thanks to President Biden's leadership and trust in public health and medical guidance, our country is nearly free from the grips of COVID. President Biden also outlined his vision for the future: making more in America and lowering costs for American families. At a time when the Republican is distracted by culture wars and peddling disinformation, and advancing an agenda that increases taxes on working families and the poorest Americans, President Biden continues to focus on uniting the country by addressing real issues facing everyday Americans. I am proud to call Joe Biden our President and I am grateful for his steady leadership during what are extremely challenging times both domestically and abroad." [Statement, 3/1/22]

Florida Senator Shevrin Jones: ". @POTUS is just what #ThePEOPLE ordered. Thank you for your leadership, sir! #SOTU" [Tweet , 3/1/22]

Florida Senator Janet Cruz: "About one in 10 Americans have diabetes. For kids like Joshua and his family, they're faced with tough decisions of choosing whether to buy insulin or paying bills. Let's lower the cost of insulin! ??" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Representative Ben Diamond: "Not only does the Infrastructure Law create good-paying jobs, it also takes important steps to act on climate: ?? Improving air quality ?? Reducing emissions ?? Increasing EV market competition with China Democrats in Congress deliver. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani: "We need to provide Americans with childcare support ? I agree @POTUS !! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani: ". @POTUS now talking about community violence prevention and gun safety! We need go work together for every person to have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous and safe! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani: ".@POTUS emphasizes protecting abortion access and advancing maternal health care for all!! As states backtrack, it becomes even more important for the federal government to step up. ?" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan: "Feeling proud as I watch @POTUS deliver his first #SOTU address. It's a good night to thank a Georgia voter. #gapol" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Georgia Representative Shea Roberts: "Important to remember that while President Biden and Democrats are laying out their vision to lower costs, Republicans want to raise income taxes on half of all Georgians while failing to put forward a single plan to cut costs for working families. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Illinois Senator Mike Simmons: "Thank you POTUS for lifting up 23 million Americans struggling with addiction who are in recovery. Thank you for believing in them and seeing them. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Indiana Representative Cherrish Pryor: "President Joe Biden @POTUS We will save democracy. The State of the Union is strong because the American people are Strong. This is our moment. As one people one Nation, the #UnitedStatesofAmerica. #SOTU #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Indiana Senator J.D. Ford: "On the same day our IN General Assembly advances HB 1041 (the anti-trans bill) it was refreshing to hear our President say this in the #SOTU2022!" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls: ". @POTUS is right: child care is a critical issue for so many American families. Iowa's child care system is one of the worst in the country. Fixing child care will be good for our workers, good for economy, and most importantly, it will be good for our children." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Strong, unifying speech from @POTUS tonight: great message, positive agenda, and a strong vision for America." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Iowa Representative Lindsay James: "Biden's American rescue plan left no one behind. With a historic investments in America ? he is working everyday to build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out ? not the top down!" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Iowa Representative Jennifer Konfrst: "As we reflect on the work of @POTUS this past year, let's remember that the American Rescue Plan was crucial to Iowa families & communities this year! #Iowa #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Iowa Representative Chris Hall: "The only President to cut the deficit by $1 trillion in a single year. Investments in infrastructure that will last a decade, creating American jobs with American built products, and an economy that works for the average family - not just the powerful and wealthy. @JoeBiden #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Kansas Representative Stephanie Clayton: "It's so wild to see two women behind the @POTUS at the ##SOTU. ???" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Kansas Representative Brandon Woodard: ""And finally, to the LGBTQ Americans, let's get the bipartisan Equality Act to my desk." -@POTUS ? I agree!!! It should not be legal to deny housing, refuse business, or to fire someone for who they are or who they love. #SOTU2022 #ksleg" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Kansas Representative Brandon Woodard: "President @JoeBiden just told young trans kids that he has their backs. A sitting @POTUS just told American children that he will fight for them and stand up against the extremists attacking their rights. That is huge. #SOTU2022" [Tweet , 3/1/22]

Maine House Speaker Ryan Fecteau: "The American Rescue Plan has helped working people and left no one behind." @POTUS contrasts his signature legislative accomplish to Trump's signature accomplish, which was the tax cut for top income earners. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Cut the cost of childcare." ? @POTUS In Maine, we are working on this. Congress and President Biden could help propel our efforts. Too many moms and dads have left the workforce because they can't find reliable and affordable childcare. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Delegate Jazz Lewis: "Let's let medicare negotiate the price of prescription drugs." #SOTU @POTUS could've dropped the mic right there. The American people need that, along with cutting the cost of childcare. The government should be making life affordable for every American. Thank you." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Delegate Jared Solomon: "Love hearing @POTUS talk about lowering the cost of insulin/diabetes supplies. It's a great idea, one being pushed by @SpeakerAJones & the @mdhousedems . Proud to be #working4md in Annapolis! #SOTU #StateOfTheUnion #MDpolitics" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Senator Susan Lee: "Thank you for mentioning bills protecting Asian-Americans, Mr. President. #SOTU2022 @aaldef @AapiMd @StopAAPIHate @POTUS" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka: "Thank you @POTUS for tackling the price of prescription drugs...the @MA_Senate is working to make prescription drugs more affordable through the #PACTAct2022! @CindyFriedmanMA #SOTU #Mapoli" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Massachusetts State Representative Jon Santiago:
? Cut the cost of childcare.
? Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.
? Stand with Ukraine.
? Make corporations & the wealthy pay their fair share.
? Build infrastructure & build American.
#SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Rosemary Bayer: "I couldn't agree with @POTUS more: "American diplomacy matters. American resolve matters." #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow: "Live every week like it's Infrastructure Week ? #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Adam Hollier: "@JoeBiden just said we're going to replace every lead pipe and I can't wait. #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Erika Geiss: "The most fundamental right is the right to vote. We call on the senate too Mr. President to pass the #FreedomToVoteAct, #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct & #TheDisclosureAct. #DefendDemocracy #Sotu" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Rosemary Bayer: "Glad to hear @POTUS push for the implementation of universal background checks at the federal level, as the bills @stephanielily , @JeremyAllenMoss and I introduced to do that here in Michigan (Senate Bills 454-456) have been awaiting action since May of last year. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Representative Ranjeev Puri: "Great overall speech from @POTUS tonight -- inspiring to see him address so many priorities, fight for our values and find ways to bring the country together during these trying times #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Representative Sydney Jordan: "LOVE to hear @POTUS champion replacing lead pipes all across the US! We can do it in MN too! I have a bill to make it happen! #mnleg" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Thank you @potus for defending gender justice!!! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Representative Jamie Long: "Let's save Americans money on their energy bills by helping them weatherize their homes!" - @POTUS Couldn't agree more! Let's do it #mnleg! [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Representative Liz Boldon: "Families shouldn't have to pay more than 7% of their income for child care ????#SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Represenatative Hunter Cantrell: "@POTUS is right, cutting the price of prescription drugs like insulin and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices needs to be a top priority in our country! There's absolutely no reason we should be paying more for prescription drugs than every other country. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Minnesota Representative Sandra Feist: "Yes! Direct from @POTUS , children need more privacy protections. Proud to be carrying the Student Data Privacy Act in the #mnleg. This is the year for this important legislation! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Missouri House Democratic Leader Crystal Quade: "So happy to have a @POTUS willing to work with Ukraine, instead of trying to extort them for personal gain. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Missouri House Democratic Leader Crystal Quade: "We're done talking about 'infrastructure weeks.' We're now talking about an infrastructure decade." - @POTUS President Biden speaking on making it a priority to bring broadband to rural areas. This is huge for Missourians. #SOTU #DemsDidThat #RuralBroadband [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nebraska Senator Tony Vargas: "The President's bipartisan agenda is really important and I hope both parties will come together to tackle these big issues ? ending the opioid epidemic; addressing mental healthcare; ensuring veterans are guaranteed the benefits and health coverage they deserve; & ending cancer" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Jersey Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin: ""I applaud Biden for asserting America's strength, support, and solidarity with the Ukrainian people and government as they continue to defend their country and their independence in the face of the aggressive and unprovoked violence by Russia under Putin's regime. I echo President Biden's assertion that, emerging from the hardest years of the pandemic, the resilience of our national economy depends on our ability to prioritize the needs of our working and middle class families and industry. This makes the priority of not only once-in-a-lifetime investments in infrastructure, but access to affordable and quality childcare as well as the mental health of our youth, incredibly important. Working in alignment with these federal priorities, I have confidence that we will be capable of preparing and building an economy of the future that works for every family and individual in the state of New Jersey and beyond." [Statement, 3/1/22]

New Jersey Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter: "We must pull everyone up and invest in our rebuilding of our roads and bridges. NJ has some of the oldest infrastructure all critical for transformation #StateOfTheUnion #LeadershipMatters" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Senator Lou D'Allesandro: "Tonight we heard the President of the United States talk about what is going on in our world today. The battle of democracy vs. authoritarianism is being waged in Ukraine. Our President stood up for democracy and is leading the free world." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Representative Megan Murray: "Strong opening remarks from @POTUS on international relations and solidarity with Ukraine during #StateOfTheUnion. On this 1st day of women's history month - it's a joy to see two amazing women @VP @SpeakerPelosi lead too." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Representative Manny Espitia: "It is past time to reform our immigration system and give DREAMers a path to citizenship. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Representative Laura Telerski: "Loving POTUS and his big finish. "We are stronger than a year ago!" #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Senator Becky Whitley: "Cut the cost of childcare." Thank you @POTUS for recognizing that we can't get folks back to work and can't get our economy back on track without making childcare accessible and affordable for all. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Hampshire Representative David Meuse: "#PutinsWar is shockingly close to becoming everyone's war. This may be the most important #SOTU speech in decades. [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Mexico Antoinette Sedillo Lopez: "We will build a national network of EV charging stations, replace corroded pipes, provide high speed internet ?by buying American projects and supporting American jobs @POTUS #StateOfTheUnion" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New York Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick: "I'm so grateful we have a President who puts the middle class first, who's focused on commonsense solutions to our problems, who is leading the world's united response to Russia, and who stands strong for voting rights, abortion rights, and gun safety. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New York Senator Alessandra Biaggi: "Democrats deliver jobs, Republicans deliver tax cuts for the ultra wealthy. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New York Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas: "Yes! Let's lower the price of prescription drugs but also let's pass #MedicareForAll so everyone can have the meds they need #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Senator Dr. Pat Spearman: "President Biden is hitting ALL the marks. From improving infrastructure, climate action, accessibility for rural America, and more. We're ready for take off! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Senator Fabian Doñate: "Jobs, jobs, and jobs! Across the country and here in Nevada, we're making investments to help pave the way for high wage union jobs. It's only the beginning! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

North Carolina Senator Wiley Nickel: "North Carolina families are concerned about rising costs and making ends meet. I was glad to hear President Biden say tonight that his administration will be prioritizing investments in manufacturing jobs here in the US, fixing supply chain issues, and fighting inflation. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

North Carolina Senator Natalie Murdock: "I join my colleagues in prayer for the people of Ukraine and I applaud President Biden's strong, decisive actions to curtail this illegal Russian invasion. I also support @NC_Governor leadership in ensuring that #NC money is not enriching Putin's regime. #SOTU #StandWithUkraine" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio House Minority Whip Jessica Miranda: "Made in America #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio Representative Juanita Brent: "#SOTU @POTUS talked about his vision for an economy that grows from the bottom up and middle out. He also talked about two of the key pillars of this vision: making more in America and lowering costs for families. And, he discuss promises he's kept in his 1st year in office" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio State Representative Emilia Sykes: "So far, President Biden has addressed
Fair wages
Paid leave
Support for HBCUs
Reducing Childcare Costs
Rebuilding the MIDWEST
?Getting WOMEN back to work and so much more. What a breath of fresh air, knowing we have competent, people-focused leadership. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton: "Creating good paying jobs, repairing roads + bridges, pushing for environmental justice, closing the #digitaldivide .... @PaHouseDems are proud to share the same priorities as @POTUS !!! #SOTU2022 #peoplefirst #LetsWork" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pennsylvania Representative Malcolm Kenyatta: ". @POTUS is 100% right. It's time to focus on the needs of working people. It's time to make the basic bargain accessible to every single Pennsylvanian family." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pennsylvania Representative Sara Innamorato: "I agree! Corporations and the wealthy SHOULD pay their fair share of taxes! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

South Carolina Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter: "Don't know about y'all but I'm so thankful that @JoeBiden is @POTUS ! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

South Carolina Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter: "Very well done Mr. President! You struck the right tone, hit all the right notes and knocked it out of the park! @POTUS #SOTU #Strong" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

South Carolina Senator Marlon Kimpson: "Great job tonight @POTUS. Thank you for your leadership." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

South Carolina Representative Leon Stavrinakis: "The talking heads can debate details all they want but let me say that I love that President Biden @potus has a big heart for people and decency, and that same heart pumps a seemingly endless supply of red blooded American Patriotism. #SOTU #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Senator Raumesh Akbari: "It's go time!! I've been waiting all day to hear @POTUS deliver the #SOTU! Looking forward to hearing about President Biden's agenda- veterans, the economy, Ukraine and Russia, mental health, and good paying American jobs are all on the agenda! We are stronger together! #Unity" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Minority Leader Karen Camper: "I am so looking forward to President Biden's 1st #SOTU address tonight. This administration has worked hard on the problems of the pandemic, infrastructure & protecting voting rights. We are stronger together & I know that the President will unite-not divide-us with his words." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Senator Raumesh Akbari: "Everyone should have access to affordable insulin. Far too many people have to choose between paying their bills and life-saving medication. Thank @POTUS for making this a priority! #SOTU #BuildingABetterAmerica" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Senator Raumesh Akbari: "Y'all. THIS is why I supported @JoeBiden for @POTUS early on! Clean energy, affordable medicine, good paying jobs, mental health, infrastructure, decent wages, healthcare, voting rights, police reform, and much more! A black woman as @VP and a #SCOTUSnominee! He's on ?! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Representative London Lamar: "Much respect to President Biden for making a strong statement about the Russia conflict." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tennessee Representative Harold Love: "The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. Everyone who is qualified to vote should be given the easiest opportunity to decide who governs. Thank you @POTUS and @VP for your commitment to passing the John Lewis #VotingRightsAct #SOTU #BuildingABetterAmerica" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas House Democratic Leader Chris Turner: "President Biden shares our deep commitment to putting working families first. Texas House Democrats have long been champions for raising the minimum wage, granting paid sick leave and supporting our small business community. We are grateful to have President Biden on our side in those fights and look forward to working with his Administration to invest in, support and protect working Texans." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Representative Toni Rose: "We stand with President Biden's emphasis on solving our nation's mental health crisis, and his discussion of the disparate impact this crisis is having on our communities of color. In 2021, Texas House Democrats supported my effort to invest over $280 million into a new psychiatric hospital in North Texas ? an effort that ultimately succeeded. We are hopeful that President Biden's new plan will result in that level of investment and care for all Americans." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Representative Terry Canales: "Thanks to President Biden's historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Texas is expected to receive over $35 billion over the next five years to invest in our state's aging roads, bridges and other critical projects. Texas' already sizable population is only expected to grow in the coming decades. Texas House Democrats are excited for the opportunity to use these federal dollars to smartly and strategically invest in the modernization of our state's infrastructure." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Representative Erin Zwiener: "Texas House Democrats know acutely how important clean energy is for the future of our state. After the devastating blackouts caused by our governor's failure to keep the lights on last year, Texans understand that a robust, secure electric grid depends on a diverse energy portfolio. Clean energy ? in addition to combating the irrefutable reality of climate change ? also represents an exciting new opportunity for economic growth and job creation in our state. President Biden's efforts give us hope that we can ensure a brighter future for generations of Texans to come." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Representative Donna Howard: "Nursing home residents were among those hit the hardest by the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas. We share President Biden's commitment to providing the best training for staff and quality of care for residents. Last session, Texas House Democrats fought for legislation to support our nursing home facilities, and we will continue to push for meaningful reforms to ensure all Texans receive the level of care they deserve." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Representative Richard Peña Raymond: "Almost 1.5 million veterans call our state home, and as the Chair of the Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee, I have heard firsthand about the horrific medical outcomes our service members have experienced due to burn pit exposure. Texas House Democrats are grateful for President Biden's dedication to ensuring all veterans are cared for after they complete their service." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Senator Cesar Blanco: "On the Ukraine-Russia War: In this significant moment on the world stage, the President laid out our efforts to rally the world to stand up for democracy against Russian aggression, also stating that the bravery of the Ukrainian people has inspired the world. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Senator Cesar Blanco: On the Economy: The President stated the Biden-Harris economic strategy is producing historic results. He emphasized that progress is occurring amidst a historic shift from the old, outdated trickle-down approach to one that puts workers, families & small businesses first. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan: "Exciting for 13-year-old Midlothian resident Joshua Davis as he joins @FLOTUS in the viewing box for tonight's #SOTU. He shared his story of living with type 1 diabetes and high prescription drug costs with @Potus last month." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan: "Thank you, @POTUS for speaking on the youth mental health crisis. While already a crisis before COVID, the pandemic has caused increased social isolation, anxiety, and learning loss for our kids. I'm working at the state level to fund the support our kids need! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Delegate Mark Keam: "A rare mention of Asian Americans and Pacifif Islanders in a #SOTU in the context of @POTUS signing into law @RepGraceMeng bill combatting hate crimes against #AAPI community." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Delegate Cia Price: "Tonight, @POTUS outlined a clear economic message: we've made significant progress, but challenges remain. Too many feel left behind and priced out. There's more work to do. President Biden's speech was a call to action; one we're duty-bound to undertake. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Delegate Cia Price: "The President's proposals were designed to meet this moment. From expanding programs at HBCUs, raising wages, lowering prices, offering tax relief, making childcare affordable, preventing gun violence, and more, the President made it clear: we're all in this together.#SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Delegate Suhas Subramanyam: "Thank you @POTUS , I hope there is a nationwide, bipartisan effort to address the opioid crisis. We've already started the work in Virginia." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Virginia Senator Ghazala Hashimi: "On this first day of Women's History Month, it's especially gratifying to see two history-making women leaders seated behind @POTUS. Thank you for your public service, @SpeakerPelosi and @VP" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Washington Representative Tana Senn: "Thank you @POTUS for making lowering the cost of childcare a major piece of your State of the Union! #SOTU We would not be here at this moment without your leadership, @PattyMurray ! #childcare" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley: "In tonight's address, @POTUS discussed the resilience of the American people. The past two years have been extremely challenging, but thanks to President Biden's leadership, we are building back better than ever before. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Wisconsin Assemblywoman Lisa Subeck: "I've seen firsthand how the #AmericanRescuePlan helped our small businesses, our schools, our hospitals, our working families, and so much more right here in #Wisconsin. Thank you, @POTUS , and thank you, @GovEvers for ensuring it was well spent investment in our state." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Wisconsin Assemblywoman Lisa Subeck: "I agree with @POTUS . The cost of prescription drugs is too high. No one should have to skip doses or choose between food and medicine. That's why I've introduced the #LessforRX plan with @GovEvers . But we need federal action, too. Thank you, POTUS, for your commitment. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Wisconsin Assemblywoman Lisa Subeck: "I began my career in childcare making barely over minimum wage, yet families paid through the nose for care. Childcare center budgets are stretched thin, and families can't not afford to pay more. This isn't sustainable, so I'm glad to hear @POTUS talking about it. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

State Constitutional Officers

California Attorney General Rob Bonta: "Looking forward to hearing @POTUS give the #StateOfTheUnion address and seeing two daughters of California (and one former CA AG) behind the dais once again! While we face challenges ahead, California is glad to have a partner back in the White House. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold: The President is right. The most fundamental right in America is the right to vote, and it's under attack. We must protect it. The Senate must act! #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows: "In speaking to the battle between autocracies and democracies, President Biden reminds us of a crucial struggle of our time. Our democracy is worth fighting for. It matters." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"The most fundamental right in America is the right to vote." Pass the Freedom to Vote Act. Pass the John Lewis Act. Yes! [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg: "During his first year in office and while combatting a global pandemic, President Biden created 4 million more jobs and got 4.2 million more Americans covered with health care. These are historic results and he's just getting started. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Treasurer Zach Conine: ""We're done talking about infrastructure weeks. We're going to have an infrastructure decade." Nevada is ready for jobs, jobs, jobs! #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Tonight, @POTUS showed just how we can come together to rebuild our infrastructure, create thousands of good-paying union jobs, and work to fight inflation - putting more money in people's pockets. The State of Nevada stands ready to join in that fight. #LetsGetToWork [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan: "President @JoeBiden is right: "light will win over darkness." While we act against aggression abroad, we are also fighting to Protect Our Democracy at home. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro: "I've heard it first hand ? local police departments across PA are stretched thin because of historic staffing shortages. Action is needed to ensure every community has the full public safety services they deserve. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"We must recruit new officers, invest in their training, and work to build better relationships with law enforcement and the communities they protect. Glad to see it on the President's agenda. Washington and Harrisburg ? let's get it done. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"We have a glaring loophole when it comes to ghost guns. It's vital we take action to close it and continue to fight gun trafficking everywhere we can. Everyone deserves a safe street, a safe neighborhood. Let's start by getting guns out of the hands of criminals. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

County, City and Local Elected Officials

Dane County, WI Board Chair Analiese Eicher: Madame Speaker, Madame Vice President. ??? ??? ??? #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Dekalb County, GA Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson: "From Day 1, @POTUS has been working hard for working people ? the American Rescue Plan & Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are just the beginning. Looking forward to hearing @POTUS's roadmap for lower costs, higher wages, & an economy that works for working Georgians. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Important to remember that while President Biden and Democrats are laying out their vision to lower costs, Republicans want to raise income taxes on half of all Georgians while failing to put forward a single plan to cut costs for working families. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"6.4 Million Jobs last year!!! Record number job growth under the leadership of @POTUS #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Pandemic inflation is squeezing people all over the globe, but I'm glad @POTUS has a plan to fix supply chains and lower costs for us right here in Georgia. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Erie County, NY Executive Mike Poloncarz: Considering the terrible invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the issues facing the world from it, tonight's #SOTU address from @POTUS is one of the more important ones to be given by a president in decades. What he says will reverberate worldwide. [Tweet, 3/1/22]

As the son of a steelworker who watched my hometown of Lackawanna get decimated after foreign steel flooded the market and the plant closed, it is great to hear @POTUS focusing on eliminating supply chain issues by building products in the USA. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

This #SOTU should appeal to all. From lowering the cost of prescription drugs, to making childcare affordable for the middle class, to onshoring manufacturing back to the US, to standing up to Putin's attack on democracy, this is not a partisan agenda but an American agenda. [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Quite possibly the best finish to a #SOTU I've ever seen. President Biden is sincere in his belief in the American people. He is right, we are strong. We may not always agree on the issues but when we are united in our efforts there is nothing we can't accomplish. #SOTU2022 [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Franklin County, OH Recorder Danny O'Connor: The answer isn't to defund the police like Republicans have done for decades. It's to fund them and give them the training needed to lock up criminals. [Tweet, 3/1/22]

King County, WA Executive Dow Constantine: "Mental health treatment must be able to meet people where they are. Pleased to see @POTUS plan for addressing the national mental health crisis in his State of the Union speech tonight. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Here in King County we know the pain of the climate crisis, and that's why @POTUS climate agenda is so important. Lowering costs for families, electrifying our fleets, retrofitting our buildings - every bit helps secure our green future. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Los Angeles Supervisor Hilda Solis: "Looking forward to @POTUS' #SOTU this evening which will highlighting the progress of the last year and lay out bold opportunities for the future in the face of deep challenges." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"I have been deeply moved by the efforts of @POTUS to lead our nation with compassion. His administration fully understands that in order to build a better America, we must ensure that no one gets left behind, especially our most vulnerable. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"President Biden promised to work across the aisle to deliver results ? and that is exactly what he has done. The historic Bipartisan Infrastructure law is a testament to that. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pierce County, WA County Councilmember Derek Young: "Tonight, @POTUS will highlight our mental health crisis. His plan calls: ?? Investment in workforce development for providers. ?? Implementation of national 988 system. ?? Expanding access to care. Watch the #SOTU for more details. 6pm on the Best Coast." [Twitter, 3/1/22]

"Test to treat" would be huge for people who are immune compormised or unable to vaccinate. It would dramatically reduce risk for those who are still in danger. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Portage County, OH Treasurer Brad Cromes: "This #SOTU - against the backdrop of war in #Ukraine, an imbalanced #economy (with both record growth and record inflation) and a waning pandemic - is unlike any I can remember. I couldn't be happier to have a professional like @JoeBiden giving it as our @POTUS." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"How @JoeBiden handled the lead up to Russia's invasion of #Ukraine set the table for the "league of democratic nations" response we are now seeing. What professional leadership and diplomacy looks like. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"How to fight #inflation? "Lower your costs, not your wages." What a concept! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

If we do the things @JoeBiden is suggesting in this #SOTU for our care economy, one might say we could #BuildBackBetter in America [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Intergovernmental Affairs Organizations

Accelerator for America: "America's mayors know that the state of our union can only be strong if our middle class is strong, and tonight, we heard the president share that sentiment. Jobs alone aren't enough: we must create good, middle class jobs and connect people to them. That's what the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law do, and the President's announcements on apprenticeship, training, and equity would do even more at a time when we must both cement our recovery from the pandemic and chart a new, inclusive trajectory for our nation's economy. Accelerator for America is already bringing Washington and cities together to expedite the Administration's critical implementation work and we are glad to hear the President reinforce his commitment to accelerating federal investment into neighborhoods across our country."- Mayor Kate Gallego and Mayor Quinton Lucas, Advisory Council Co-Chairs, Accelerator for America [Tweet, 3/1/22]

African American Mayors Association President Mayor Sylvester Turner: "The nation's Black mayors agree with President Biden's message of hope and resilience for America as we confront new crises abroad and at home. We support the administration's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and we stand united with President Biden and our allies in holding president Vladimir Putin accountable for this unprovoked war. We stand with the Ukrainian people whose bravery is an inspiration to the world and encourage the ongoing military, economic and humanitarian support of Ukraine. We were heartened by the update that the president provided about our battle against COVID-19. Black communities have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, both in terms of health outcomes and finances. We appreciate the administration's focus to improve access to COVID-19 vaccination, testing, treatment, and advancing health equity among populations that are at high-risk and underserved. As mayors of cities big and small, we are proximate to the challenges everyday Americans face and are encouraged by the president's bold vision for continued economic recovery that centers workers, families, and small businesses first. This includes producing more goods in America to help strengthen our supply chains, reducing the cost of everyday expenses, cutting childcare costs, and taking on climate change by building out critical investments and tax credits that strengthen the U.S. energy sector, create well-paying jobs, and cut energy costs for American families.

"We were energized by his telling of the administration's work to build back America, protect voting rights, reduce gun crime, and increase support for community policing programs.

"Black mayors applaud the historic nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson has deep experience across the justice system, which will make her a well-rounded Justice. She comes from a family of police officers, worked as a public defender, served on the bipartisan US Sentencing Commission, and served as a judge on the District Court and D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Jackson also has a proven track record of bipartisan support in the Senate and has been confirmed three times on a bipartisan vote.

"Black mayors across the country are excited to see that substantial investments in infrastructure will reach our most vulnerable communities. From upgrading our roads and bridges to expanding broadband access and affordable internet, and tackling lead pipe replacement and climate change - the infrastructure package has the promise to transform communities across the nation and right historic inequities. We applaud the Biden-Harris administration's historic commitments to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with a $5.8 billion cumulative investment in HBCUs in the form of debt relief and capacity-building grants. We also commend the expanded power and support of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) which includes the elevation of its agency head to Under Secretary and expanded funding pledges. My fellow mayors and I encourage the Biden-Harris administration and Congress to lean into Biden's Unity Agenda that calls on our country to take on seismic challenges. With support from Congress, we can change the trajectory of our nation including ending the opioid epidemic, building out a diverse mental health workforce with a focus on supporting children, supporting veterans, and ending cancer as we know it. The Biden-Harris cabinet has many former mayors who know how to tackle problems and get things done. Our mayors remain committed to working with our federal partners to better serve our constituents and ensure that no community gets left behind." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

African American Mayors Association: ".@OurMayors support the Biden administration's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and we stand united with @POTUS and our allies in holding president Vladimir Putin accountable for this unprovoked war. #StateOfTheUnion #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is historic in its size and Black mayors across the country are excited to see that substantial investments in infrastructure will reach our most vulnerable communities. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

The Climate Mayors: "LIVE: We can save energy costs for American families by combatting the #climatecrisis. @POTUS is prioritizing investments and tax credits to weatherize our homes and businesses to increase energy savings while lowering emissions #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

".@POTUS is right. The #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw is the type of transformation U.S. cities need: "We'll create good jobs for millions of Americans...and we'll do it all to withstand the devastating effects of the climate crisis and promote environmental justice." #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Democratic Mayors Organization: ""In the battle between democracy and autocracy, democracies are rising to the moment, and the world is clearly choosing the side of peace and security." - @POTUS #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Democratic Attorney Generals Association: "Investing in America means fighting for workers, protecting consumers and small businesses, keeping families healthy and safe, ensuring access to health care, defending elections and voting rights, and living up to the ideals of Justice For All. Democratic AGs are all in. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Matt Chase, President, National Association of Counties: "Tonight's State of the Union address highlighted the need for a strong intergovernmental partnership. Counties will continue to work with the administration and bipartisan congressional partners to achieve our common goals. Only together can we recover from the pandemic, strengthen our economy, and improve the quality of life and the livelihoods of our residents. For the past two years, counties have served on the front lines of our nation's response to the pandemic. With resources from the American Rescue Plan, we are building healthier, safer counties where all our residents have opportunities to thrive. Investing in counties means investing in struggling small businesses, nonprofits, infrastructure, public health and safety, and human services, especially for those suffering from domestic violence, mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Additionally, with the resources in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, counties are building, maintaining and upgrading major infrastructure ? roads, bridges, airports, public transportation, water and sewage, and broadband. We will continue to work across the aisle to preserve local decision-making and streamline federal regulations. We urge our federal partners to embrace bipartisanship and focus on solutions that will enhance our resiliency for the future, solutions that will make a difference for Americans every day. We look forward to continuing to work with the administration and Congress as we build stronger counties that result in a stronger America." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO): "Tonight, we echo the President in saying our hearts are with the people of #Ukraine ?? and their fight for their country and their democracy. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"The most fundamental right in America is the right to vote ? and to have it counted. And it's under assault. Tonight, we join @POTUS in calling on Congress to pass the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct that would protect the voting rights of Latino and all voters. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"While we've seen a commitment by the current administration to improve our immigration system, it is Congress that must act NOW and work to pass fair and meaningful immigration reform. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

National League of Cities: "Cities, towns and villages have been leading on climate action for years ? because local leaders are seeing the impacts of #climatechange every day in our communities, from wildfires to extreme flooding. Now is the time for continued bold #climateaction. #SOTU2022 #SOTUNLC" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and Executive Director, National League of Cities (NLC): "Cities, towns and villages are on the front lines of helping our economy rebuild and recover after the COVID-19 pandemic. Communities of all sizes were challenged by the public health emergency and economic crisis, and local leaders rose to the occasion. Thanks to federal investments through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), our communities are facing those challenges head on and paving the way for a more equitable future. In his State of the Union address, President Biden recognized the historic impact of these laws and laid the groundwork to continue to strengthen our economy. He highlighted how the American Rescue Plan act is helping local governments beat the COVID pandemic, support vulnerable communities, and increase public safety. He shared our enthusiasm to strengthen and rebuild the infrastructure that keeps Americans and our economy moving. We thank President Biden for his clear vision and we look forward to continuing to build on federal-local partnership for the benefit of all residents. This partnership extends to our commitment to democracy. As President Biden said, we stand with the Ukranian people. And we stand behind the President as he gathers our allies around the world against Russia's aggression and attacks on democracy." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

New American Leaders: "Housing is the highest monthly cost for nearly everyone in America. With federal support we can do more to increase affordable housing and help families put a roof over their heads. #SOTU2022 #SOTUNLC" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"You heard @POTUS - it's time for the infrastructure decade! What projects is your city funding with investments from the infrastructure package? Share with us here! #SOTU2022 #SOTUNLC" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New DEAL Leaders: "We hope you will tune into the #SOTU2022 tonight! #NewDEALers have been on the frontlines of COVID & economic restoration, & while the outlook is improving there is work still to do. In his speech, @POTUS will lay out his plan to continue a historically strong recovery." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO Tom Cochran: "There is so much more that unites us than what divides us, and perhaps nothing is more sacred than our shared beliefs in democracy and freedom. Mayors appreciate President Biden's focus on protecting and promoting these core values here and around the world. America's mayors continue to unequivocally support the Ukrainian people and our fellow mayors in Ukraine who are fighting for the very survival of their communities. We also applaud the President's commitment to rebuilding our nation and addressing persistent obstacles to recovery. Mayors have been on the frontlines taking action to put this pandemic behind us and make cities the drivers of our economy. While great progress has been made, particularly through the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, more work must be done to strengthen our communities. We appreciate the President pledging to make the necessary and critical investments we need to tackle the challenges that remain, especially his commitment to doubling the budget of the Justice Department's COPS community policing grant program, which would make our cities safer and reduce gun-related crime. Mayors value the partnership we have with this administration and members of both parties in Congress. We look forward to working together to make a lasting difference in the lives of all Americans." [Press Release, 3/1/22]

"Mayors across America condemn Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and stand with Ukraine's mayors as they lead their cities and resist this war of aggression. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"This month marks the one-year anniversary of the passage of the ARPA. Working alongside America's mayors, the Biden Administration included $65.1B in direct funding to America's cities to help mayors fight COVID-19, maintain public services, and rebuild local economies. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"We're now talking about an infrastructure decade." ? @POTUS The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides historic levels of funding to invest in our public transit systems, make our cities more accessible, and create good-paying jobs that boost local economies. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Joseph R. Biden, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: State, Local, Tribal, and Territory Leaders Applaud President Biden's State of the Union Address Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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