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Tweets of February 1, 2018

February 01, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 3 times on February 1, 2018
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February 01, 2018
Heading to beautiful West Virginia to be with great members of the Republican Party. Will be planning Infrastructure and discussing Immigration and DACA not easy when we have no support from the Democrats. NOT ONE DEM VOTED FOR OUR TAX CUT BILL! Need more Republicans in '18.
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February 01, 2018
March 5th is rapidly approaching and the Democrats are doing nothing about DACA. They Resist Blame Complain and Obstruct - and do nothing. Start pushing Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to work out a DACA fix NOW!
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February 01, 2018
Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech. 45.6 million people watched the highest number in history. @FoxNews beat every other Network for the first time ever with 11.7 million people tuning in. Delivered from the heart!
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