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Statement on Signing the Job Training Reform Amendments of 1992

September 07, 1992

Today I am pleased to sign into law H.R. 3033, the "Job Training Reform Amendments of 1992." I believe this legislation, which amends the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), will improve an already successful large-scale job training program and make it more responsive to the labor market of the 1990's.

H.R. 3033 will make a major contribution to enhancing the employability of disadvantaged youth and adults. I am particularly pleased that H.R. 3033 incorporates the key features of the Administration's proposal to amend the JTPA.

First, the legislation will maintain the local flexibility and system of performance standards that are the cornerstones of the current JTPA program.

Second, it will target services on youth and adults who are most at risk of failure in the job market, including those who lack basic skills, are high school dropouts, or are dependent on welfare.

Third, H.R. 3033 will enhance program quality by providing more intensive and comprehensive services to participants. These services include an assessment of each participant's skill levels and service needs and the development of individualized service strategies based on the assessment. In addition, participants will receive basic and occupational skills training tied to labor market opportunities that will promote the long-term employability, job placement, and job retention of participants.

Fourth, the legislation will strengthen program accountability by including significant fiscal and administrative improvements.

Fifth, these amendments will provide for a more comprehensive, coordinated human resource system by establishing linkages between Federal programs that will avoid duplication and enhance the delivery of services. For example, Governors will have the authority to establish State Human Resource Investment Councils to oversee the coordination of Federal human resource programs at the State level. Coordination of such programs is a key element in my Job Training 2000 proposal. I am very pleased to have this important step in place as a foundation for Job Training 2000.

In addition, these amendments will establish the innovative Youth Fair Chance program designed to stimulate communitywide action that will provide education and employment opportunities to youth who live in poor, inner city neighborhoods and rural areas. This program will be a vital supplement to our Weed and Seed, Youth Training Corps, Treat and Train, and other urban youth initiatives.

These features of the legislation are essential to improving the already successful track record of the JTPA in providing training and jobs to our most disadvantaged citizens. I wish to express my appreciation for the cooperation that has been exhibited on all sides and has made possible a stronger, more effective Federal job training system.

Finally, I must note that although the Supreme Court has ruled that the Congress and the executive branch may provide benefits to members of Indian tribes, as opposed to Indians defined as a racial group, and I support efforts to offer such benefits, this bill appears to provide some benefits to Alaskan Natives and Hawaiian Natives, as well as other Native Americans in some instances, on the basis of racial categories. I am directing the Secretary of Labor and the Attorney General to consult about whether these provisions can be carried out in a constitutional manner.

George Bush

The White House,

September 7, 1992.

Note: H.R. 3033, approved September 7, was assigned Public Law No. 102 - 367.

George Bush, Statement on Signing the Job Training Reform Amendments of 1992 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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