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August 08, 2007

Shoring Up Ethics In Washington:

Governor Romney Proposes New Ethics Law To Strip Pensions From Those Who Violate The Public Trust. "Saying it's time to clean up the ethics in Washington, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney today said he is proposing to strip pension benefits of any elected official or federal government employee who is convicted of a felony for violating the public trust." (Rod Boshart, "Romney: Time To Shore Up Ethics," Cedar Rapids Gazette, 8/2/07)

- Governor Mitt Romney: "One thing I'd like to add, if I'm lucky enough to be President, I will fight for a provision, for a law, which says that if you're convicted of a crime as a government employee or an appointee – you're convicted of a crime that involves violation of the public trust, you've done some kind of abuse of your position – that you get stripped of your pension. ... We're going to take away their pensions if they violate our trust." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At An Ask Mitt Anything, Urbandale, IA, 8/2/07)

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Enforcing Our Immigration Laws:

Governor Romney Says Cities That Do Not Enforce Federal Immigration Laws Should Not Receive Federal Funds. GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "When I hear that there are cities that say 'Hey guess what? We're going to become sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. We're going to instruct our city workers that they're not going to be notifying the federal government of people who are here illegally' and then those same cities ask for millions, if not billions of dollars from the Federal Government. It's like wait a second, we're not going to send you all of the money that you want if you are not going to be willing to enforce and live by the laws of the government." (WRKO's "Howie Carr Show," 8/3/07)

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Supporting The Surge In Iraq:

Governor Romney Supports The Current Troop Surge Strategy. GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "I think the surge is the best course we have at this stage. We're seeing some positive reports coming from the Brookings Institution. We're going to see a report from General Petraeus soon. I think it's the best shot we have to see stability in Iraq and I certainly hope it's successful." (ABC's "Good Morning America," 8/6/07)

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Governor Romney Has Called For A Surge Of Support Here At Home For Our Troops Abroad. "'At a time when American families and individuals are making a surge of sacrifice to support this troop surge, I think it's time for American citizens and politicians to make a surge of support,' Romney said Wednesday in Pelham, N.H., a comment he repeated throughout the day." (Glen Johnson, "Romney Donates $25,000 Amid Plea For Patriotic 'Surge'," The Associated Press, 8/2/07)

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An Agenda To Lower Taxes:

Governor Romney: "If the economy is growing quickly, then we generate all sorts of new revenue. And the best way to keep the economy rolling is to keep our taxes down. That's why I proposed middle income Americans ought to pay no taxes on their savings. Invest in the future of the economy. Growth helps us provide the revenue that we need." (ABC, Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Des Moines, IA, 8/5/07)

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