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Romney Campaign Press Release - Romney For President Launches New Spanish-Language Radio Ad In Florida

December 07, 2007


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Boston, MA – Romney for President today launched its newest Spanish-language radio ad. The ad highlights the many undertakings Governor Romney has been trusted to lead and his record of success in both the private and public sectors.

The ad is titled "Confianza" and will begin airing today in South Florida. The English and Spanish transcripts and audio link are below.

English Script For "Confianza" (Radio:60):

ANNOUNCER 1: "Mitt Romney – Republican for President. Why?"

ANNOUNCER 1: "Because he is the most qualified and reliable candidate. The business world relied on Mitt Romney, and there are many that call him America's best businessman."

ANNOUNCER 2: "Our country relied on Mitt Romney, and he saved the Olympics from corruption and gave the entire world a grand American spectacle shortly after the 9/11 attacks."

ANNOUNCER 1: "The people of Massachusetts believed in Mitt Romney and elected him as Governor to erase the deficit he inherited and put the state's economy back on track. And that's exactly what he did – leaving a surplus and many new jobs."

ANNOUNCER 2: "His family relies on Mitt Romney too, and he has been a great husband for 38 years, a good father to his five sons and a good grandfather to his 11 grandchildren. Mitt Romney lives the values that he espouses."

ANNOUNCER 1: "All of us can rely on Mitt Romney for President. Get to know him better – visit"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message."

ANNOUNCER: "Paid for by Romney for President."

Spanish Script For "Confianza" (Radio:60):

LOCUTOR 1: "Mitt Romney – republicano para presidente. 'Por qu?"'

LOCUTOR 1: "Porque es el mas calificado y el m?s confiable. El mundo de los negocios ha confiado en Mitt Romney, y muchos lo llaman el mejor empresario de los Estados Unidos".

LOCUTOR 2: "Nuestro pa?s confi? en Mitt Romney y Mitt Romney salv? las Olimpiadas de corrupci?n y le present? al mundo entero un gran espect?culo estadounidense justo despu?s de los ataques del 9/11".

LOCUTOR 1: "El pueblo de Massachusetts confi? en Mitt Romney. Lo eligi? gobernador para borrar el d?ficit que hered? y encaminar la economia del estado. Y as? lo hizo – dejando un super?vit y muchos nuevos empleos".

LOCUTOR 2: "Su familia conf?a en Mitt Romney tambi?n y ?l ha sido un gran esposo con 38 anos de matrimonio, es un gran padre para sus cinco hijos y un gran abuelo para sus 11 nietos. Mitt Romney vive los valores que predica".

LOCUTOR 1: "Todos nosotros podemos confiar en Mitt Romney para presidente. Con?celo mejor –visita".

GOBERNADOR ROMNEY: "Soy Mitt Romney y apruebo este mensaje".

LOCUTOR: "Pagado por Romney para Presidente".

To listen to "Confianza," please visit:

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