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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Romney On Governor Huckabee's Playground Diplomacy

December 15, 2007

Governor Romney Discusses Governor Mike Huckabee's Playground Diplomacy In Humboldt, Iowa (12/14/07):

Governor Mitt Romney: "You also heard my comments, my remarks today, about Governor Huckabee's article in Foreign Affairs. To accuse the President of an arrogant, bunker mentality is, in my view, more fitting from a person running from the Democratic Party than from our own. It sounds like something Barack Obama or John Edwards would say. Not what you'd hear from someone running for president as a Republican. And I think it was a very serious error. With that, I'd be happy to take any questions you may have."

Reporter: "Yesterday, you said you weren't going to compare your foreign policy experience with Governor Huckabee's. In light of this article that has come out now, does that show a lack of judgment on his part in terms of foreign affairs?

Governor Romney: "Well, having looked at the article, I must admit some things were also surprising. His suggestion that foreign affairs was like a children's playground is not exactly the allegory I would draw in mind. It's a far more serious and complicated and monumental effort than kids in school, but I'm sure I'll have more thoughts about his article. But I was disappointed in the quality of the thinking and the quality of recommendations there. But that which really stood out, of course, was the accusation that the Administration, the accusation of the President's administration as being arrogant, bunker mentality, an administration that had been counterproductive both here and abroad. We've been safe here. How can one possibly say that when we have been safe in this country and we took action abroad at a time when the Taliban had made Afghanistan a safe haven for terror, Libya was developing nuclear technology and Iraq was a partner in efforts of terror."


Reporter: "Governor Romney, just a few minutes ago you called Governor Huckabee a great friend. Did it surprise you the Foreign Affairs article that came out today?"

Governor Romney: "It did surprise me. His comments surprised me. They disappointed me. I expected a great deal more from the article than I saw, but the attack on the presidency was something uncalled for. It was unnecessary and inaccurate." (Governor Mitt Romney, Media Availability, Humboldt, IA, 12/15/07)

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