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Remarks at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in Indianapolis, Indiana

May 17, 2009

The President. It is great to be back in Indiana. We had a wonderful time up at Notre Dame, and I told Father John that of all the controversies surrounding my appearance, they paled in comparison to what to do about the football team. [Laughter] That's an issue we may not resolve within my 4 years----

Audience member. Eight!

The President. All right, well, maybe in 8 we might get it done.

Anyway, I am--it's just wonderful to be here. I see a lot of old friends, as well as new friends. We've, obviously, have been working very hard over the first 100 days to lay the foundation for the kind of economy that's going to work for all Americans. And we've seen the kind of crisis that we haven't seen since the Great Depression, and yet, despite the enormous challenges, I think that Washington has actually been a pretty energized and hopeful time because we're getting things done.

We got a Recovery Act passed. And thanks to the wonderful Members of Congress who are here, we've provided health insurance for children who didn't have it. Just this week alone we're going to be getting credit card reform done. We're going to get procurement reform done that will save us $40 billion that's been wasted in Pentagon purchases. We're going to get anti-fraud measures. We're going to get a housing bill.

This is all just in this work session just over the last several weeks. And I thank both Members of Congress, but most importantly, the American people. They just want results. We're going to continue to go through some hard times. This economy is not yet out of the woods. We're going to have enormous challenges getting health care passed so that we're driving down costs and providing coverage for all Americans. The challenges of the environment and energy and climate change are things that are going to be a heavy lift for a lot of folks. But I believe that when you look back at the end of this year, we're going to be able to say that this was one of the most productive legislative years in the history of the United States of America.

And the reason is because of you. We could not--first of all, I wouldn't be there if it weren't for you. But what's true for me is also true for the wonderful Democratic Congressmen here. If it weren't for your steady support of the DNC and of the elections, we would not be successful.

We started my Presidential campaign 2 1/2 years ago with this crazy idea that the American people wanted change. And nobody thought we could accomplish what seemed unimaginable at the time. And yet here we are and not only did we win an election, but more importantly, we're starting to deliver on the promises that were made.

We're going to continue to need your help. We're going to continue to need your support. But I'm absolutely confident that we're going to get it done. And so I'm grateful to you, and I look forward to being back in Indiana sometime soon.

All right, guys, appreciate you. Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 6:20 p.m. at the Westin Indianapolis. In his remarks, he referred to Father John I. Jenkins, president, University of Notre Dame. Audio was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.

Barack Obama, Remarks at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in Indianapolis, Indiana Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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