Franklin D. Roosevelt

Rear-Platform Remarks at Aberdeen, S.D., during a Drought Inspection Trip

August 28, 1936

I am mighty glad to come back into South Dakota and to be here with my old friend, Tom Berry. I have had a very interesting day. I have been out this way a good many times before, as you know. I was saying on the train before we came in that right here on the platform were three Governors, Governor Berry, Governor Bulow and Governor Roosevelt. And Tom Berry said, "No, in South Dakota there is just one Governor and that is I."

You have a great problem before you- not just taking care of the immediate needs caused by the drought this year and of the needs of this coming winter, for we are going to. take care of that. I have been thinking more about the future, for I want to see South Dakota continue to grow and prosper.

I understand there are some people that are not in favor of planning ahead. I believe there are some people that say it is not worth spending money to save money. Somebody said yesterday, up in North Dakota, that he believed if you could save ten million dollars by spending one million dollars it was worth while.

Because this is an agricultural section of the country, it is absolutely necessary for you who live in the cities to realize that too, because there would not be any cities if there were not any farms.

While we are still young at this game, we are learning something more about it every year that goes by. We are getting excellent cooperation between the local government, the State Government and the Federal Government. Things are beginning to click pretty well; and that is so because we believe we can win out in this fight.

In one way, I do not like to call it a fight because one of our troubles in the past has been that we have been fighting Nature. Now it is time for us to cooperate with Nature.

I have come out here to learn more about the conditions at first hand. I shall take back to Washington with me the picture of a whole lot of people with courage, with their chins up, who are telling me that they are going to see it through. And I am going to help.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rear-Platform Remarks at Aberdeen, S.D., during a Drought Inspection Trip Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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