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Radio Address to Members of the 4-H Clubs.

December 01, 1930

I CORDIALLY congratulate the boys and girls of the 4-H Clubs whose outstanding club work in their communities has earned for them the trip to the International Livestock Show in Chicago. It is not possible to greet you personally, but I am glad to send you this direct greeting by radio.

The club work which you share with almost a million other boys and girls in 4-H Clubs in every part of the Nation is one of real accomplishment. You are the future leaders in the oldest art of organized human society--farming. In many ways it is the best of all callings. Your progress and your future leadership is its great promise.

I am especially interested in that newer part of your club work which is identified with the fourth H in your club name, the H that stands for health. The investigations made by the Conference on Child Health and Protection, recently held here in Washington, showed that one boy and girl in every four is enjoying less than the full measure of health which is the inherent right of every human being. Most of their physical deficiencies could be prevented or remedied or compensated for if knowledge of the best ways of everyday living was spread to every family, every school, and every community.

You know from personal experiment how much more flourishing is that row of corn to which the results of scientific investigation have been applied through your industry and skill. Imagine how much more flourishing would be 10 million young human beings if equal industry should apply equally exact scientific knowledge to making them as strong and vigorous and perfect as a prize-winning row of corn. Not only would the world be materially enriched by their greater possibilities of usefulness when they grow up, but much more important than that, their own lives would be enriched by untold additions of joy and happiness.

Millions of these children waiting to be set free from physical disabilities are children of the farms. They must look in part to you for the way out of their difficulties for you are proving yourselves to be the men and women of tomorrow to whom your communities will look for leadership--and our Nation will succeed only with the widening vision of each new generation of leaders.

Note: The President spoke at 8 p.m. from the White House to a convention of 4-H Clubs assembled in Chicago, Ill. The address was carried over the National Broadcasting Company network.

Herbert Hoover, Radio Address to Members of the 4-H Clubs. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/210885

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