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Press Release - What They're Saying About the Romney Medicare Plan

December 15, 2011

"Governor Romney came up frankly with a very good variation on the Ryan Plan which allowed the maintenance of the current system. Paul [Ryan] has adopted that, and I think did a very brave act by Senator Ron Wyden, you have a Democrat willing to cosponsor the bill. I endorsed the concept today. It's a big step forward. And I think Governor Romney deserves some of the credit to help figure out a way to make this thing workable." —Newt Gingrich, 12/15/11

National Review: Romney's "Bold And Specific" Endorsement Of Entitlement Reform "Deserves Praise." "That makes his endorsement of bold and specific proposals for entitlement reform in a speech at Americans for Prosperity last week all the more noteworthy. ... All of this — as well as his promises to block-grant Medicaid to the states and institute real cuts in discretionary spending — deserves praise." (Editorial, "Romney: Right On Medicare," National Review, 11/8/11)

  • National Review Headline: "Romney: Right On Medicare" (National Review, 11/8/11)

The Wall Street Journal: "At Least On Medicare, Mr. Romney Is The Bolder Reformer." (Editorial, "The Newtitlement State," The Wall Street Journal, 12/8/11)

Congressman Paul Ryan: Romney's Medicare Reforms Are "Perfectly In Keeping With Serious Reform." "I asked him about Romney's decision to offer traditional Medicare as one option in the premium support plan. He said that he and former Fed vice chairwoman Alice Rivlin had discussed that idea, and so long as the government, as Romney detailed, would provide a capped amount to be used either for traditional Medicare or for private plans, the same cost savings could be obtained under Romney's plan as under the plan Ryan proposed as part of the 2012 budget. Ryan deemed this approach as ‘perfectly in keeping with serious reform.'" (Jennifer Rubin, "Exclusive Interview: Paul Ryan Has Nothing But Praise For Romney Plan," The Washington Post, 11/4/11)

  • Ryan: "This Plan Is In Perfect Keeping With What We've Been Talking About." (Robert Costa, "Ryan Praises Romney Fiscal Plan," National Review, 11/4/11)
  • Ryan: "This Is Getting Us Toward A Prosperity Agenda That Will Allow The Private Sector To Grow." (Jennifer Rubin, "Paul Ryan Has Nothing But Praise For Romney Plan," Washington Post, 11/4/11)
  • Ryan: "Look At What [Romney] Put Out! This Is A Great Development." (Jennifer Rubin, "Paul Ryan Has Nothing But Praise For Romney Plan," Washington Post, 11/4/11)

Wall Street Journal Editorial: The Plan "Moves Mr. Romney Toward Making The 2012 Contest A Philosophical Choice Over The Direction Of Government." "In a speech last Friday, Mr. Romney laid out in more detail than he has before how he'd attack our fiscal maladies, and his remarks deserve more attention than they've received as a guide to how he might govern. His policy outline isn't the 2012 House Republican budget, but it qualifies as progress, especially on entitlements. ... This reform progress is politically important because it moves Mr. Romney toward making the 2012 contest a philosophical choice over the direction of government, rather than merely a technocratic argument over who can create more jobs."  (Editorial, "Romney's Fiscal Awakening," Wall Street Journal, 11/8/11)

  • Wall Street Journal Editorial Headline: "Romney's Fiscal Awakening" (Editorial, "Romney's Fiscal Awakening," Wall Street Journal, 11/8/11)

National Review's Yuval Levin: "I Have To Say That I Was Very Impressed With What [Romney] Had To Say In Today's Speech On Spending, And Especially With What He Had To Say About Medicare Reform." (Yuval Levin, "Romney On Entitlements," National Review, 11/4/11)

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