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Press Release - What They're Saying About The #GrahamPlan: Graham 'Has Been Unending In His Criticism Of Islamic Extremism'

November 17, 2015

Huffington Post: "Graham... [Has] Called On The White House To Develop A More Urgent Military Strategy For Dealing With ISIS."

(Dave Jamieson, "Lindsey Graham: 'There's A 9/11 Coming' After Paris," Huffington Post, 11/16/15)

Alexandria, VA - Yesterday, Graham 2016 re-released the #GrahamPlan to defeat ISIL that Senator Graham, alongside Senator McCain, detailed onCNN's New Day and MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday morning. In case you missed it, watch the interview with CNN here, the interview with MSNBChere, read the plan here, and take a look at some of the coverage it made:

Rudy Giuliani on FOX News: "If President Obama Had Listened To Senator McCain And Senator Graham... If We Had Not Taken Our Troops Out Of Iraq And Afghanistan, ISIS Would Have Never Emerged."

(Hannity, "Rudy Giuliani: 'ISIS is an Obama creation,'" FOX News, 11/16/15)

Graham: "You Have To Go In On The Ground And Hit Them There. I'm Looking For An Away Game When It Comes To ISIL, Not A Home Game."

(CNN New Day, "McCain, Graham: We need a Syria 'surge,'" CNN, 11/16/15)


Graham: "They're Not The JV Team, But They're Certainly Not 10 Feet Tall. The Worst Possible Solution Is Half-Measures. If We Just Drop A Few Bombs On These Guys, Then That's It. They'll Be Stronger Than Ever."

(Morning Joe, "McCain: With our allies, we can defeat ISIS," MSNBC, 11/16/15)


TIME: "Sen. Lindsey GRAHAM, One Of His Party's Strongest Voices On Foreign Policy... Has Been Unending In His Criticism Of Islamic Extremism." "Just hours before the attacks in Paris, Graham predicted the Islamic State would strike. 'It is just a matter of time that they will hit us or hit Europe if we don't go in on the ground in Syria,' Graham said. He has been pushing for a much larger American troop presence in the Middle East, including 20,000 ground troops and advisors in Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State." (Philip Elliott, "How Republican Candidates Want to Fight ISIS," TIME, 11/14/15)

CNN: "Graham Warned That Friday's Attacks In Paris Will Be Repeated — And On A Larger Scale — Within The United States Unless ISIS Is Destroyed." (Eric Bradner, "Lindsey Graham: 'There's a 9/11 coming,'" CNN, 11/17/15)

Roll Call: "The Clear Contrast In Message With Obama Gives [Graham] An Opening."

"Graham has pushed President Barack Obama to change course and put a significant number of U.S. troops on the ground in Syria as part of a multinational force — a strategy Obama has long rejected. Authorities found a Syrian passport on a bomber in Paris, where ISIS claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks on Nov. 13 that left at least 129 people dead... The clear contrast in message with Obama gives [Graham] an opening." (Niels Lesniewski, "Paris Terror Attacks Give Graham an Opening in 2016 Race," Roll Call, 11/17/15)

The Hill: "McCain And Graham...Have Long Been Critics Of President Obama's Strategy Against ISIS, Calling It Non-Existent And Ineffective."

"'They're not the JV team, but not they're certainly not 10 feet tall. The worst possible solution is half-measures. If we just drop a few bombs on these guys and that's it, they'll be stronger than ever,' said Graham... McCain and Graham... have long been critics of President Obama's strategy against ISIS, calling it non-existent and ineffective." (Kristina Wong, "McCain, Graham urge American boots on the ground against ISIS," The Hill, 11/16/15)

IJReview: "Graham Said That To Solve The [Syrian Refugee] Problem You Have To Destroy ISIS, Adding His Plan, Which He Also Detailed Sunday On CNN:" "'The best thing the world could do for Syrian people is to create a safe haven within Syria, a no-fly zone. The best thing the United States could do to protect other homeland is go on offense, to form a regional army with the French involved that they'd like to be and go on the ground to destroy their caliphate.'" (Justin Greene and Katie Lapotin, "Lindsey Graham Calls for 'Timeout' on Syrian Refugees Until State Department Has a Vetting Process," IJReview, 11/16/15)

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Lindsey Graham, Press Release - What They're Saying About The #GrahamPlan: Graham 'Has Been Unending In His Criticism Of Islamic Extremism' Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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