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Press Release - War Room Update From Iowa

January 07, 2016

By Jack Sisson, Director of Research and Rapid Response

Black ice, slick roads and piercing cold winds—what a weekend across Iowa! Stay warm folks. Here's a brief rundown from today...

Fox News Channel- National

[Huckabee]: "We've absolutely ceded our leadership role. It's almost like the beaches are being stormed, but President Obama's building sand castles. He ignores the fact that we are absolutely under an eschatological attack….These people are not interested in just carving out a little additional real estate. they see their role as bringing about the end of the world, and they're doing everything they can to hasten to that moment."

(ABC) - Des Moines, Iowa

Last night, Local 5's Jack Miller sat down with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee… [Huckabee]: "What is the difference in mentality of someone who pulls for one person but caucuses for another? The caucus voter is a very serious voter. They're not casual. They're committed. They are informed voters. They listen to all the ads, but when it gets down to it they make a viseral decision about who they connect with."

Des Moines Register, "Huckabee plans 11 Iowa events"

Mike Huckabee returns to Iowa Monday with events in 11 communities in the southeastern quadrant of the state over a three-day period. The Republican presidential candidate plans 150 Iowa campaign events in January. Between Jan. 2 and Jan. 7, he had 26 events. He visited his 99th county on Thursday with a stop at Sigourney Junior-Senior High School in Keokuk County.

Presidential candidates often plan to complete the "full Grassley," named after Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley who visits all of Iowa's counties each year. Huckabee completed the "full Grassley" in less than eight months, starting on May 6 after he announced he was running for president.

(NBC) - Davenport, Iowa

And next week - Republican Mike Huckabee will visit Davenport on Wednesday. He'll be at the Machine Shed restaurant that morning from 8:30 to 9:30….

(NBC) - Des Moines, Iowa

[Huckabee] "Arkansas was a retail political states. You just couldn't get elected by just sort of parachuting into a big event…It's what I love about the Iowa caucuses. It forces candidates to go out and ask for the vote, one-on-one. In every town, every hamlet and every village…When you see the face of someone who says, 'I lost my job last year.' When a single mom tells you that she can hardly afford to get her kids to daycare, drive to work and get home. You get an understanding of the American economy that you don't get at a $30,000 a plate dinner in Manhattan…."

TIME Magazine: "Paul Ryan Pushes Republicans to Make Poverty an Issue"

Three weeks before the Iowa Caucuses, Paul Ryan, who has become Speaker of the House, is having the last word. On Saturday, in South Carolina, he hosted seven leading GOP presidential candidates for in an in depth discussion of the issue that is most near and dear to his heart.….Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee chimed in on the importance of supporting the less fortunate. "Sometimes what people need is the affirmation that they are people of value," Huckabee said. "That they are people of worth."

Breitbart News: "Huckabee: Obama Protects 'Image of Islam'"

GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is pointing out the hypocrisy in imposing gun control laws to stop "just one shooter," but not vetting tens of thousands of refugees coming into America from terrorist infiltrated countries…"So President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to impose massive new gun control laws on all Americans to stop 'just one shooter' or save 'just one life'- but vetting Syrian refugees to stop countless terrorists and save countless American lives is wrong?" Huckabee questioned….

(NBC)-Des Moines, Iowa

Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee completed his 99-county tour of Iowa on Thursday…[Huckabee] "It's a great exhilarating feeling to know that we've done the full Grassley. We've done the grassroots kind of work." Huckabee will be back in Iowa next week making a stop in Ottumwa...

USA Today: "Republicans say govt can't end poverty"

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Republican presidential candidates pitched anti-poverty programs Saturday that emphasize the private market and de-emphasize the role of government — though Marco Rubio found himself forced into a shouting side debate over immigration...Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, said "there is an industry of poverty" that relies on the federal government to sustain itself. "Let those programs be managed at the state level," Huckabee said...

Associate Press: "GOP candidates pitch conservative path to fight poverty"

Republican presidential candidates said Saturday their party must do more to convince poor Americans that conservative policy — and not an active federal government — will expand economic opportunity...Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pitched his "fair tax," a single-rate consumption tax to replace all other taxes on wages, investments and inheritance. "It's a powerful unlocking of the economy," Huckabee said. However, he said he would allow something similar to the Earned Income Tax Credit to ease the tax burden on low-income households...

(CBS) - Davenport, Iowa

Next week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will return to the Quad Cities. The "Huckabee Huddle -Huck Stops Here Iowa Tour" will take place at the Machine Shed restaurant on Wednesday morning. The event runs from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m and is open to the public...

Mike Huckabee, Press Release - War Room Update From Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/316749

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