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Press Release - "Trouble"

January 11, 2016

I can tell you this. The voters I am seeing everyday on the campaign trail in Iowa don't have money to burn. It seems clear though, that some campaigns do.

What does it say about our politics when the media values the campaigns raising millions of dollars in big donations from special interests, while devaluing the candidates who survive and thrive on small donations of $1, $3, $5 and $10 from seniors, students and Moms and Dads who just want a better life tomorrow than they have today.

It says the process is broken. And to me that's just another reason why voters are expressing their visceral hatred for all things Washington in poll after poll.

As President, I want to fix the hate and encourage Americans to dream big again, tackle tough problems and get things done. After seven years of Obama, we've lost the ability to do any of these things. Our politics are small and petty and our nation is declining before our eyes.

Let me be clear, talking about fixing Washington, isn't a political calculation for me and let me explain why. A nice couple in Iowa this morning asked me why I was running for President and I got choked up. I went on to talk about my grandkids and how much they mean to me and how their future means more than my own. The thought of my leaving behind a declining America to my children and grandchildren is unacceptable to me. And I won't. I will fight until I can't anymore and I hope and pray you will be with me.

If you can afford to donate $1 today in support of my campaign, please chip in here:


If you can't afford to donate, but you still support my campaign, please just click on my website link here:


Your donation or your click to my website "Action" page will let me know all I need to know as I crisscross Iowa and as I prepare for our upcoming presidential debate in South Carolina this Thursday.

Knowing you are standing with me will mean the world to me. So please chip in or click to my website today.



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