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Press Release - Thompson Committee Unconcerned by Primary Schedule

August 09, 2007

McLean, Va - The Friends of Fred Thompson testing the waters committee said it was unconcerned by the announcement today that South Carolina and New Hampshire would alter their Republican presidential primaries.

"Our focus is on supporting Fred Thompson's conversation with supporters as he considers a possible presidential campaign," said Bill Lacy, manager of the Thompson committee. "The rest are details that can be worked out if we move forward."

Iowa is widely expected to move its caucus as well, possibly to December 2007, nearly a year before the actual election.

"Changes to primary dates are only a problem for long-running candidates," said Randy Enwright, national political director of the Thompson committee. "Large organizations with detailed political strategies that include roll out dates may find it more difficult to change their playbook mid-game."

Fred Thompson, Press Release - Thompson Committee Unconcerned by Primary Schedule Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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