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Press Release - The Raves Pour In: Hillary 'Presidential,' 'Confident,' 'The Real Deal'

April 27, 2007

NBC'S ANDREA MITCHELL -- HILLARY 'THE CLEAREST STAR': "Hillary Clinton was the clearest star in this and experience counts." [Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC, 4/26/07]

NEWSWEEK'S HOWARD FINEMAN -- 'IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT FOR HILLARY CLINTON..SHE DID SUPERBLY WELL': "It's clear that the consensus among the reporters that I talked to as I was going around the spin room press room but that it was a good night for Hillary Clinton. She was calm, she was professional, she was collegial, she was on her mark, she was on her issues, she did superbly well." [Howard Fineman, MSNBC, 4/26/07]

MSNBC'S CHRIS MATTHEWS -- 'MRS. CLINTON DID VERY WELL': "I thought Mrs. Clinton did very well, the Senator did very well tonight. I thought that she is the front runner in all the polls and she has to maintain a certain presence.. She avoided criticizing anyone else, she talked about the president mostly." [Chris Matthews, MSNBC, 4/26/07]

AJC'S CYNTHIA TUCKER -- 'CLINTON LOOKED PRESIDENTIAL..SHE'S IN A VERY GOOD POSITION TO WIN THIS RACE: "I also have to say as others have already said, that Senator Clinton looked very presidential. I don't think that she put aside forever the question of whether a woman can be commander-in-chief. I think that question will come up for her again and again and again. But if she comports herself as well throughout the rest of this very long campaign as she did this evening, she's in very a good position to win this race and that's something I didn't think six months ago." [Cynthia Tucker, MSNBC, 4/26/07]

NEWSDAY -- HILLARY 'DELIVERED A COOL, CONFIDENT PERFORMANCE': "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a cool, confident performance Thursday night in the first primary debate of the 2008 presidential season." [Newsday, 4/27/07]

NEW YORK TIMES -- HILLARY 'PROFESSORIAL AND EMPHATIC': "Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was professorial and emphatic as she spoke Thursday night." [New York Times, 4/27/07]


CNN'S AMY HOLMES -- 'HILLARY DID HERSELF A LOT OF GOOD. SHE WAS STRONG. SHE WAS CONFIDENT': "I think Hillary did herself a lot of good. She was strong, she was confident. She was able to both talk about being a New Democrat, about Capitalism, entrepreneurship, and was also talking about corporate responsibility. I thought she finessed that well." [Amy Holmes, CNN, 4/26/07]

TERRY HOLT -- HILLARY 'DEMONSTRATED SHE'S THE REAL DEAL': "I think tonight she demonstrated that she's the real deal. A lot of people said that she's too rigid, that she's too bound by the discipline of her campaign. But that came through tonight with authority, with conviction. She hit it out of the park when she talked about how she would respond to two city attack by terrorists. She was the most definitive and the strongest in that regard. I think that she did all that she could do tonight in this field to distinguish herself as the frontrunner" [Terry Holt, CNN, 4/26/07]

Hillary Clinton, Press Release - The Raves Pour In: Hillary 'Presidential,' 'Confident,' 'The Real Deal' Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/292662

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