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Press Release - Steve Forbes "Talks a Lot Like Bill Clinton"

February 01, 1996

A top White House official today praised candidate Steve Forbes, saying that "he talks a lot like Bill Clinton." "For once, I agree with the White House," said Dole for President Campaign Manager Scott Reed. "Steve Forbes does sound a lot like Bill Clinton. They're anxious to run against Forbes in 1996 because they know he would ensure a Clinton reelection. Does anyone think the White House would praise Forbes if they seriously believed he could beat Bill Clinton?"


BILL CLINTON                          STEVE FORBES

Promotes risky economic plan       Promotes risky economic plan that

that would not balance             add $ 186 would billion a year to

the budget                         the deficit

Advocates big government           Doubled size of government agency

                                    he was in charge of -- from $ 108

                                    billion to $ 21 8 billion a year

Trouble telling the truth          Trouble telling the truth about

                                    his government mismanagement,

                                    negative ads, economic plan., etc.

Opposed to Contract with America   Opposed to Contract with America's

                                    child tax credit

Opposed to Balanced Budget         Opposed to Balanced Budget

Amendment                          Amendment

Opposes GOP pro-life position      Opposes GOP pro-life position

Wanted to nationalize the          Supported Kennedy's

health care system                 plan to nationalize health care


Talks like a conservative,         Talks like a conservative, acts

acts like a liberal                like a liberal

According to the Associated Press, "presidential spokesman Mike McCurry went out of his way today to say nice things about Forbes -- as if to give him a boost over Dole, who's considered the stronger general election challenger. 'He (Forbes) comes closest to being someone who's got a clear vision and he comes closest to the president in talking about the things that we can do to pull this country together and have an optimistic view of the future,' McCurry said. 'He talks about opportunity, economic growth, personal responsibility. In short, he talks a lot like Bill Clinton."'

Robert Dole, Press Release - Steve Forbes "Talks a Lot Like Bill Clinton" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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