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Press Release - Senator Graham To Do Second Swing Through Iowa In Past Week

July 01, 2015

Today, Senator Lindsey Graham will return to Iowa for a second swing through the state after a full schedule of events this past Saturday, June 27th where he made campaign stops in Centralia, Dyersville, Central City, Tama and Marshalltown. While on the trail, he discussed national security, the fight against "Islamist Extremism," the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, and had an interesting exchange with a patron at his stop to the VFW Post in Tama.

In case you missed it, check out The Des Moines Register's video of "Politics & Pool" at the VFW Post in Tama here, NPR's story about Senator Graham's eBook, "My Story," here, and take a look at some of the coverage this trip made:

The Des Moines Register: "[Graham] Earned Their Praise For His Plan For Dealing With ISIS."

(Brianne Pfannenstiel, "Graham gets pushback on Medicare, applause on foreign policy," The Des Moines Register, 06/29/15)


BuzzFeed News: "Voters On The Trail This Weekend Appeared to Largely Agree With Graham."

"And voters on the trail this weekend appeared to largely agree with Graham.

'I agree with everything he said,' said Darlene Block, 72, a voter who attended Graham's meet-and-greet in Centralia, Iowa, on Saturday. 'Our military is really down, they said, to the lowest it was since World War II, so we need to straighten that out.'" (Rosie Gray, "The Benefits Of Lindsey Graham's Plan For A Hawkish Presidential Bid," BuzzFeed News, 06/28/15)

The Dubuque Telegraph Herald: "If Graham Were President, He Would Put Radical Islam In 'A Box And Nail It Shut'"

"Graham also addressed what he called 'radical Islam.' He said radical Islam groups are 'running wild' and the militants would 'kill everyone in this room if they could.'

'Radical Islam is coming here if don't turn things around,' he said. If Graham were president, he would put radical Islam in 'a box and nail it shut,' he said." (Craig Reber, "Graham addresses Confederate flag, 'radical Islam' at Centralia bar," The Dubuque Telegraph Herald, 06/27/15)

Buzzfeed News: "Polling Does Show That The Threat Posed By ISIS Weighs Heavily On The Minds Of Influential Iowa Caucus-Goers"

"Asked if he believes voters care more about national security this election than other elections, Graham said he did, and that 'if they don't, we're crazy as a nation.'

Polling does show that the threat posed by ISIS weighs heavily on the minds of influential Iowa caucus-goers. A Des Moines Register poll from May showed that 90 percent of voters polled wanted candidates to talk about terrorist groups like ISIS." (Rosie Gray, "The Benefits Of Lindsey Graham's Plan For A Hawkish Presidential Bid," BuzzFeed News, 06/28/15)

Graham: "If We Fight For Traditional Values Without Animosity, If We Pick The Right Fight, We'll Be Fine" "It's not that he doesn't care or that he agrees with the Supreme Court, but Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks people disappointed by its decision on same-sex marriage need to pick their next fight carefully." (James Lynch, "Graham: Fight for traditional values without animosity," Sioux City Journal, 06/27/15)

Radio Iowa: "Graham Said 'Religious People' Should Not Be Punished For Following The Tenants Of Their Faith"

"Graham said 'religious people' should not be punished for following the tenants of their faith and he 'would not tolerate' having churches, synagogue or mosques punished for not performing same-sex marriages. Conversely, gay individuals and gay couples, if I'm president, you'll be treated friendly,' Graham said. 'You'll have the rights of all us, consistent with religious liberties.'" (Radio Iowa Contributor, "GOP's Graham, Cruz, Trump campaigned in Iowa this past weekend," Radio Iowa, 06/28/15)

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