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Press Release - Rudy Giuliani Commits to Increasing Adoptions and Decreasing Abortions

August 05, 2007

In remarks today at an adoption center in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Mayor Rudy Giuliani will speak about his commitment to increasing adoptions and decreasing abortions, part of his 12 Commitments to the American People.

As President, Mayor Giuliani will be an advocate for children by promoting adoption as a responsible and rewarding choice. He proposes simplifying the adoption process, enhancing tax incentives to encourage adoption, and partnering with faith-based organizations that promote adoption.

The Mayor also commits to reducing abortions by encouraging informed decisions. He will also oppose any attempt to change restrictions on federal funding for abortion.

"Protecting children is a fundamental responsibility of good government, and it is a commitment I have carried forward throughout my career in public service," Mayor Giuliani has said. "My administration will streamline the adoption process by removing the heartbreaking bureaucratic delays that burden the current process. By working together to promote personal responsibility and a culture of life, Americans can limit abortions and increase adoptions."

Increasing adoptions, decreasing abortions and protecting the quality of life for America's Children is one of Rudy's Twelve Commitments to the American People, his bold vision aimed at moving America forward. He will continue to travel the country this summer detailing the remaining Commitments. For more about Rudy's Twelve Commitments, please click here.

Rudy Giuliani, Press Release - Rudy Giuliani Commits to Increasing Adoptions and Decreasing Abortions Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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