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Press Release - Ron Paul Campaign Launches Nationwide Youth Initiative

September 07, 2011

'Youth for Ron Paul' to organize, mobilize voters

LAKE JACKSON, Texas — The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today the national "Youth for Ron Paul" effort to organize and mobilize the increasing number of youth who support the 12-term Congressman from Texas's bid for the presidency. Young people ages 18-29 were a key demographic in President Barack Obama's 2008 victory, a group he won nearly two to one over Senator John McCain, and this voting group is expected to play an important role in deciding the 2012 election.

This announcement follows a blowout victory in the New Hampshire Young Republicans GOP presidential straw poll last month in New Castle, NH, a key primary state. Rep. Paul won with 45 percent of the votes cast, defeating his closest competition, Mitt Romney, who garnered a mere 10 percent of the votes.

"Young people have the passion, energy, and dedication to carry on the freedom message. Real change will come from the next generation," said Dr. Paul.

The "Youth for Ron Paul" campaign is an outgrowth of Ron Paul's youth organization, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). YAL's former National Field Director, Edward King, will lead the youth effort.

"In 2008, Ron Paul's youth campaign registered more than 26,000 supporters and organized 500 college chapters," said King. "Since then, Ron Paul's youth support has grown exponentially. Young people want to live free. I have witnessed countless disaffected college students and former Obama supporters discover Ron Paul over the last few years."

"Youth for Ron Paul" will build a national youth network of supporters on and off college campuses to turn out voters to the polls. Ron Paul will kick off his youth campaign at Louisiana State University early in the evening on Friday, September 23, 2011. The event will precede the official opening of his Louisiana campaign headquarters in Baton Rouge. LSU Youth for Ron Paul is one of the first official chapters for his youth campaign.

To learn more and sign up for Youth for Ron Paul, please visit: and "like" the Facebook page found at:

Ron Paul, Press Release - Ron Paul Campaign Launches Nationwide Youth Initiative Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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