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Press Release - Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Announces Nevada State Director

September 15, 2011

Energy and experience arrive in the Silver State

LAKE JACKSON, Texas — The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign has named Steve Bierfeldt as Executive Director for the state of Nevada. Mr. Bierfeldt will be leading Ron Paul's Nevada campaign staff efforts in the Nevada Caucus, currently scheduled for February.

"It is a tremendous honor to be working here in Nevada with people dedicated to restoring individual liberty," said Mr. Bierfeldt. "I know there were many dedicated Ron Paul supporters in 2008 here and I look forward to capitalizing on the support for Ron Paul, which has grown tremendously."

Previously, in 2010, Mr. Bierfeldt was a field director for the historic campaign of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in Kentucky. Prior to that, Mr. Bierfeldt spent two years as Vice President of Development for Campaign for Liberty, an organization focused on sound money, individual liberty and the Constitution. Most recently he served as Ron Paul's Iowa Executive Director, mainly organizing for the Straw Poll in Ames. Dr. Paul came within less than a percentage point of winning the contest and received the fourth most votes in the history of the Iowa Straw Poll.

After the Iowa straw poll, Mr. Bierfeldt is looking forward to taking on the challenge of leading Dr. Paul to victory in Nevada.

"Our team will be working with volunteers and supporters all throughout the state to ensure a competitive showing for Ron Paul in the Nevada Caucus. I am confident that Dr. Paul will have a showing that will impress the political establishment," said Mr. Bierfeldt.

Ron Paul, Press Release - Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Announces Nevada State Director Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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