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Press Release - RNC Members Endorse Governor Mitt Romney

February 27, 2007


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Boston, MA – Today, eight members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and three former RNC members endorsed Governor Mitt Romney and his candidacy for President of the United States.

"It is an honor to have the support of these men and women. As leading members of the Republican Party, they have worked tirelessly to advance our common ideas and principles," said Governor Romney. "Together, they will be strong surrogates for our message of meeting a new generation of challenges with innovation and transformation."

New RNC Members Supporting Governor Romney:

- Te'o Fuavai, AS

- Lilly Nunez, CO

- Betsy Werronen, DC

- Diane Adams, IN

- Joyce Lyons Terhes, MD

- Doug Russell, MO

- Randy Frederick, SD

- Stephanie Chivers, TN

Fast Facts About RNC Members Supporting Governor Romney:

- Number Supporting Governor Romney: 29

- Representing: 16 States, the District of Columbia and American Samoa

Former RNC Members Supporting Governor Romney:

- John Kane, MD

- Kevin Mannix, OR

- John Ryder, TN

Current And Former RNC Committee Members Supporting Governor Romney (Already Announced):

- Tony Parker, DC

- James Bopp, IN

- Darrell Crate, MA

- Jody Dow, MA

- Ron Kaufman, MA

- Louis Pope, MD

- Peter Cianchette, ME

- Thomas Rath, NH

- Joe Kyrillos, NJ

- David Norcross, NJ

- J. Lynn Windel, OK

- June Hartley, OR

- Solomon Yue, OR

- Vance Day, OR

- Robert Manning, RI

- Cindy Costa, SC

- Sara Gear Boyd, VT

- Donna Lou Gosney, WV

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