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Press Release - RealClearPolitics Analysis & Rubio Poll Both Elevate Kasich

February 25, 2016

From RealClearPolitics:

Imagine we wake up on Wednesday morning, March 16, to find that Sen. Rubio has lost Florida to Trump, while Gov. Kasich has beaten Trump in Ohio. If that happens, how do Rubio's supporters, which include much of the existing GOP officialdom, make the case that Kasich should defer to Rubio? Why wouldn't the logical argument be the other way around?

Kasich bolsters his argument by pointing to the fact that he runs far better against Hillary Clinton in general election match-ups than either Cruz or Rubio. So why wouldn't establishment Republicans rally behind the most "electable" candidate who carries his home state in the primary?

As we all saw this morning, this is very easy to imagine. In a Quinnipiac Poll released earlier today, Senator Rubio loses his home state of Florida by 17 points to Donald Trump. Rubio himself has stated he must win Florida or Ohio to put him on the path to winning the nomination. But it's John Kasich who is in position to carry Ohio on March 15th and making the RCP scenario a reality. If Rubio does what he should and drops out, Kasich easily defeats Trump in Ohio and is in the driver's seat for securing the nomination and winning back the White House.

John Kasich, Press Release - RealClearPolitics Analysis & Rubio Poll Both Elevate Kasich Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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