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Press Release - President Obama Doubles Down On His Discredited Distortions

July 05, 2012

President Obama has again resorted to using the same false and discredited attacks in an attempt to distract voters from his failed economic record. But no amount of distractions will help the millions of Americans struggling for work and facing what even President Obama's own vice president called a 'depression.' On Day One, Mitt Romney will enact pro-growth policies that will jumpstart our economy and encourage companies to begin hiring again here in the United States." —Amanda Henneberg, Romney Campaigns Spokesperson

President Obama's Campaign Distortions Have Been Debunked By Nonpartisan Fact Checkers As "Misleading, Unfair And Untrue": "We Found No Evidence To Support The Claim That Romney — While He Was Still Running Bain Capital — Shipped American Jobs Overseas." "But after reviewing numerous corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, contemporary news accounts, company histories and press releases, and the evidence offered by both the Obama and Romney campaigns, we found no evidence to support the claim that Romney — while he was still running Bain Capital — shipped American jobs overseas." (Robert Farley and Eugene Kiely, "Obama's 'Outsourcer' Overreach,", 6/29/12)

  • "The Post Story Did Not Reveal, To Use The Obama Campaign's Term, That Romney Relocated U.S. Jobs To Foreign Countries." (Robert Farley and Eugene Kiely, "Obama's 'Outsourcer' Overreach,", 6/29/12)

The Washington Post: "There Is Little In The Post Article That Backs Up The Obama Campaign's Spin." "Yet the campaign clearly seized on this report because their interpretation fit with a long-term "outsourcing" attack they have waged against Romney. One of their outsourcing ads before the article ran, in fact, earned Four Pinocchios. These new ads would not fare much better; there is little in the Post article that backs up the Obama campaign's spin." (Glenn Kessler, "Obama's New Attacks On Romney And Outsourcing," The Washington Post, 7/2/12) "Obama Campaign's Recent Ads Thus Mislead When They Point To Investments Made By Bain" After Mitt Romney Left Bain." "And after reviewing evidence cited by the Obama campaign, we reaffirm our conclusion that Romney left the helm of Bain Capital when he took a leave of absence in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics — as he has said repeatedly — and never returned to active management. The Obama campaign's recent ads thus mislead when they point to investments made by Bain, as well as management decisions made by companies in which Bain invested, after that time." (Brooks Jackson and Robert Farley, with Eugene Kiely, "FactCheck to Obama Camp: Your Complaint is All Wet,", 7/2/12)

The Washington Post, On An Earlier Obama Outsourcing Ad: "On Just About Every Level, This Ad Is Misleading, Unfair And Untrue..." "The Obama campaign fails to make its case. On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair and untrue, from the use of 'corporate raider' to its examples of alleged outsourcing. Simply repeating the same debunked claims won't make them any more correct." (Glenn Kessler, "4 Pinocchios For Obama's Newest Anti-Romney Ad," The Washington Post, 6/21/12)

The Des Moines Register Headline: "FactCheck: Obama's Outsourcing Claims About Romney Are An Overreach" (Jennifer Jacobs, "FactCheck: Obama's Outsourcing Claims About Romney Are An Overreach," The Des Moines Register, 6/29/12)

Why Is President Obama Resorting To Distortions? He Can't Defend His Own Policies That Have Discouraged Job Creation In The United States:

A Wall Street Journal Analysis Found Roughly 75% Of The Jobs Added In The Past Two Years By Thirty-Five Major U.S. Multinational Companies Were Overseas. "Thirty-five big U.S.-based multinational companies added jobs much faster than other U.S. employers in the past two years, but nearly three-fourths of those jobs were overseas, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis." (Scott Thurm, "U.S. Firms Add Jobs, But Mostly Overseas," The Wall Street Journal, 4/26/12)

The Companies Added More Than 100,000 Jobs In America, But Well Over 300,000 Jobs Overseas. "Those companies, which include Wal-Mart Stores Inc., International Paper Co., Honeywell International Inc. and United Parcel Service Inc., boosted their employment at home by 3.1%, or 113,000 jobs, between 2009 and 2011, the same rate of increase as the nation's other employers. But they also added more than 333,000 jobs in their far-flung-and faster-growing- foreign operations." (Scott Thurm, "U.S. Firms Add Jobs, But Mostly Overseas," The Wall Street Journal, 4/26/12)

Obamacare Could Force Businesses In The Medical Device Industry To Shift More Than 40,000 Jobs Overseas. "The medical device industry says it could lose 10 percent of its U.S. workforce because of a tax created by healthcare reform. The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) released a report Wednesday that says device-makers might ship 43,000 jobs overseas once the tax takes effect in 2013." (Sam Baker, "Device-Makers Say Tax Will Cost 43,000 US Jobs," The Hill, 9/7/11)

  • "Diana Furchtgott-Roth, A Senior Fellow At The Hudson Institute, Said Device Firms Are Already Moving Their Operations To Other Countries And That The Trend Will Accelerate If The Device Tax Is Left In Place." (Sam Baker, "Device-Makers Say Tax Will Cost 43,000 US Jobs," The Hill, 9/7/11)

And President Obama's Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Also Sent Billions Of Dollars To Foreign-Owned Companies And Businesses Creating Jobs Overseas:

Foreign-Owned Companies Received $2.38 Billion In Stimulus Dollars For Energy Projects. "More than 1,100 projects have been funded under the Section 1603 program. Only about 75 are wind farms, but they have received $4.4 billion worth of grants. 54 percent of that -- $2.38 billion -- has gone to foreign developers. A total of 4,232 turbines were erected on those 75 farms, and 2,760 were built by foreign manufacturers - that's 65.2 percent." (Russ Choma, "Workshop's Wind Stories Kicking Up Political Dust," Investigative Reporting Workshop, 9/27/10)

  • Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Said The Flow Of Money To Foreign Companies "Makes People Lose Faith In Government, And It Frankly Infuriates Me." "Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called the flow of money to foreign companies an outrage, because the stimulus, he said, was intended to create jobs inside the United States. 'This is one of those stories in Washington that when you tell people five miles outside the Beltway, or anywhere else in America, they cannot believe it,' Schumer told ABC News, 'It makes people lose faith in government, and it frankly infuriates me.'" (Jonathan Karl, "New Wind Farms In The U.S. Do Not Bring Jobs," ABC News, 2/9/10)

In 2009, The Department Of Energy Granted Fisker A $529 Million Stimulus Loan Guarantee, $359 Million Of Which Was To Go Toward Reviving The Former GM Boxwood Plant In Wilmington, Delaware. "In September, Secretary Chu announced a $528.7 million conditional loan for Fisker Automotive for the development of two lines of plug-in hybrids, which will save hundreds of millions gallons of gasoline and offset millions of tons of carbon pollution by 2016. Of the total loan, $359 million is going to revive manufacturing at the Boxwood Plant. The Boxwood Plant will support Fisker Automotive's Project NINA, the development and build of a mass-market plug-in hybrid sedan." (Press Release, "Vice President Biden Announces Reopening Of Former GM Boxwood Plant," Office Of The Vice President, 10/27/09)

  • "With The Approval Of The Obama Administration," Fisker Began Assembling Its First Line Of Cars In Finland. "With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work." (Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross, "Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland," ABC News, 10/20/11)

Today, The Fisker Plant In Delaware Is "Absolutely Empty" After Laying Off Workers. "Fisker Automotive has laid off another dozen workers at the former General Motors plant in Delaware that it has been refitting with federal and state money to build a new sedan. The layoffs, which occurred quietly Friday, come as California-based Fisker continues talks with the U.S. Energy Department to unfreeze loan money that could determine whether it ever builds a car at the plant. ... Jeffrey Garland, a Delawarean who was spearheading community affairs and business development efforts in the state for Fisker, said the Fisker plant, shut down by GM in 2009, is 'absolutely empty.'" ("Fisker On Ropes? Delaware Plant 'Absolutely Empty,'" USA Today, 4/18/12)

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