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Press Release - O'Reilly: Obama Admin 'Complicit' in Murder of CA Woman by Illegal Immigrant

July 07, 2015

Fox News

Bill O'Reilly said tonight that Donald Trump's immigration analysis is correct and blamed liberal policies for the death of a San Francisco woman at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

"The Factor" host asserted the "primary mistake" that Trump made in his campaign kickoff speech was "speaking too generally about the border problem."

"Most Mexicans who sneak into the USA or overstay their legal visitation status, do so because they are economically deprived. They are largely under-educated folks who are trying to feed their families," O'Reilly said. "Also, the vast majority of illegal aliens do not commit crimes while on American soil apart from their immigration offense."

He asserted that there are "big problems stemming from Mexican illegal immigration."

O'Reilly said the United States' major supplier of illegal drugs is from drug cartels in Mexico.

"ISIS has nothing on these drug cartels," he stated. "They are both savage enterprises."

"So Trump is correct in saying that only a massive wall will stop the chaos and even then drugs and people will get through although not to the extent they do now," O'Reilly explained.

He stated that Trump is also right about how the majority of Mexicans who are coming to live in America "are not achievers in the economic sense."

O'Reilly further asserted that the Obama administration is "complicit" for the murder of San Francisco woman. Kate Steinle was shot last week by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who was previously deported multiple times.

He explained that Sanchez returned to San Francisco, because it's a "sanctuary city."

"The mayor and city supervisors of San Francisco are directly responsible for the murder of Kate Steinle, and the Obama administration is complicit," O'Reilly said.

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