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Press Release - Newt Files Paperwork for the New Hampshire Primary

October 26, 2011

NHpaperworkNewt was in New Hampshire yesterday to meet with supporters, file as a candidate for the New Hampshire primary, and sign Tom Thomson's pledge to cut taxes, regulations, and the size of government. Click here for more pictures from his campaign stops.

Here's what the Nashua Telegraph had to say about his trip:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said there's an unprecedented level of attention on this election and defeating President Barack Obama in 2012 would lead to seismic changes in tax and economic policy.

The former House speaker, 68, made it official Tuesday by filing his candidacy at Secretary of State Bill Gardner's office with his wife, Callista.

Right after, Gingrich signed a pledge to oppose raising federal taxes, which conservative activist Tom Thomson has put before candidates.

Gingrich credits the Internet, 24/7 news and talk radio with helping to bring about more extensive discussion on how to reform the tax code and stimulate job growth.

"We are getting into a level of substance that you have very seldom seen in modern politics," he said.

The Union Leader also reported on Newt's visit to the first-in-the-nation primary state:

Gingrich said consumers and businesses are waiting for a new direction.

"This economy will begin recovering on election night, as people realize that Barack Obama has been defeated, and as people realize that we have won the Senate, because people's expectation of the future will change that night," he said.

He said he is eager to hear from voters on ideas for what kind of changes they'd like to see. His website asks for suggestions on executive orders he might have ready to go if he is elected.

"I don't ask anyone to be for me ... I ask people to be with me for eight years," he said.

Gingrich praised Secretary of State William Gardner for his work in preserving the first-in-the-nation tradition of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

"I think he did an extraordinarily effective job," Gingrich said. "Your standing firm really preserved once again the New Hampshire position. I commend you for the leadership you showed."

After leaving his candidacy papers at Gardner's office, Gingrich met Tom Thomson, son of former Gov. Meldrim Thomson, and signed the pledge he has developed. Candidates who sign it promise to cut taxes, spending and the size of government, to secure the nation's border, work for energy independence and "faithfully and forcefully uphold, follow and protect the U.S. Constitution."

Newt Gingrich, Press Release - Newt Files Paperwork for the New Hampshire Primary Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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