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Press Release - New Video: Clinton Details Roadmap for Ending War, Protecting Troops

February 17, 2007

In first "HillCast," Hillary talks about her plan to stop the Bush escalation and start redeploying troops

In a new video released on her web site today, Hillary Clinton details her plan to end the war in Iraq and protect the troops. The video is her first "HillCast," a regular series of web broadcasts Clinton will deliver over the coming months on important issues facing Americans.

"We have to end this war in a smart way, not a Republican or a Democratic way, but a way that makes us safer and gets our troops home as soon as possible," Clinton says in today's video. "That's what I'll be fighting for. But let me be clear, if George Bush doesn't end this war before he leaves office...when I'm President, I will."

According to the plan, if the Bush Administration does not begin a phased redeployment of troops and convene an international conference within 90 days, it must obtain a new Congressional authorization to remain in Iraq. Clinton first previewed the plan when she returned last month from her third trip to Iraq, and formally introduced the legislation yesterday.

"This bill is a roadmap out of Iraq. I hope the President takes this road. If he does, he should be able to end the war before he leaves office. But, let's not kid ourselves, from everything we've seen, this president is going down a very different path...he's fighting to escalate the war, not end it," Clinton adds in the video. "I know we're at the start of a Presidential campaign, but I think all Democrats should be focused on working together to push the President to change course."

Hillary Clinton, Press Release - New Video: Clinton Details Roadmap for Ending War, Protecting Troops Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/293453

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