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Press Release - Nevada Sportsmen and Women for McCain Co-Chair Addresses Barack Obama's Comments About Governor Sarah Palin

September 10, 2008

HENDERSON, NV -- The McCain-Palin campaign today issued the following statement from Ty Cobb, Nevada Sportsmen for McCain Co-Chair, regarding Barack Obama's comments about Governor Sarah Palin on Monday in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Obama derided Gov. Palin for being a "mother, governor, moose shooter" while the crowd booed and laughed.

Ty Cobb, Nevada Sportsmen for McCain Co-Chair: "Time and again, Barack Obama has proven that he does not understand that the right to bear arms is every citizen's basic constitutional right. He wants to take guns from law-abiding citizens and appoint federal judges who feel the same. He is clearly out of touch with Americans, especially those of us in the west. Unlike their opponents, John McCain and Sarah Palin are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. McCain understands that we must prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law, rather than forcing law-abiding citizens to give up their constitutional rights. The differences between the two nominees for president are vast, especially on this issue, and the choice is clear if you want to maintain your rights."

FACT: Before Running For President, Obama Expressed Support For Banning Many Types Of Firearms:

On 1996 Questionnaire, Obama Answered "Yes" To Question About His Support For Legislation To "Ban The Manufacture, Sale And Possession Of Handguns." Question: "Do you support state legislation to ... ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? [Obama's Response:] Yes."(Independent Voters Of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization 1996 General Candidate Questionnaire, Barack Obama Responses, 9/10/96)

Scholar John Lott Recalls Obama Stating: "I Don't Believe That People Should Be Able To Own Guns." John Lott:"In fact, I knew Obama during the mid-1990s, and his answers to IVI's question on guns fit well with the Obama that I knew. Indeed, the first time I introduced myself to him he said 'Oh, you are the gun guy.' I responded 'Yes, I guess so.' He simply responded that 'I don't believe that people should be able to own guns.'" (John R. Lott Jr., "Obama And Guns: Two Different Views," Fox News,, 4/7/08)

In 2003, Obama Voted In Support Of Legislation That "Would Have Banned Most Of The Privately Held Hunting Shotguns, Target Rifles, And Black Powder Rifles" In Illinois. "[I]n 2003, Obama voted in support of SB1195, which, if passed, would have banned most of the privately held hunting shotguns, target rifles, and black powder rifles in the state. If the ban was enacted, law enforcement officials would have been authorized to forcibly enter private homes to confiscate newly banned firearms." (Illinois State Rifle Association, "ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Toward L aw-Abiding Firearm Owners," Press Release, 8/24/04)

SB 1195 Caused Furor; Would Have Banned Shotguns, Muzzleloaders. "The gun furor basically revolves around Senate Bill 1195, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Antonio Munoz. It would ban shotguns with a bore of .50 caliber or more, the net result, according to numerous interpretations, being to outlaw a variety of shotguns, and even muzzleloaders." (Lew Freedman, Op-Ed, "Hunters Need Not Worry--Yet," Chicago Tribune, 4/19/03)

FACT: Obama Believes D.C. Gun Ban Is Constitutional:

Obama Believes The D.C. Gun Ban Is Constitutional. "[T]he campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said that he '...believes that we can recognize and respect the rights of law-abiding gun owners and the right of local communities to enact common sense laws to combat violence and save lives. Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.'" (James Oliphant and Michael J. Higgins, "Court To Hear Gun Case," Chicago Tribune, 11/20/07)

NOTE: The D.C. Gun Ban Bars Handguns, Operable Rifles And Shotguns In The Home. "The D.C. law, like laws in Chicago and New York City, doesn't explicitly bar handguns; it requires that all residents register them with the city. Since the city stopped registering handguns in 1976, no one who hadn't registered by then can have a handgun at home. The result, effectively, is a ban. D.C.'s law also bars residents from keeping any other firearm, such as a rifle or a shotgun, loaded or assembled." (Emma Schwartz, "The Right To Bear Arms," U.S. News & World Report, 3/6/08)

FACT: Before Running For President, Obama Came Out In Support Of Many Anti-Gun Policies:

Obama Was Director Of Anti-Gun Joyce Foundation, Which Spent Millions On Gun-Control Causes. "Adding even further skepticism to Obama's claim of support for the 2nd Amendment is his previous service as a director of the Joyce Foundation. Since 2000, the Joyce Foundation has provided over $15 Million in funding to radical gun control organizations such as the Violence Policy Center and the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. The Joyce Foundation is tightly linked to the Soros Open Society Institute -- an extremis t group that advocates a worldwide ban on civilian firearm ownership." (Illinois Stat e Rifle Association, "ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Toward Law-Abiding Firearm Owners," Press Release, 8/24/04)

In 2004, Obama Voted Against Legislation "Drafted To Protect Homeowners From Prosecution In Cases Where They Used A Firearm To Halt A Home Invasion." "[O]bama cast a total of 4 votes in opposition to SB2165. SB2165 was drafted to protect homeowners from prosecution in cases where they used a firearm to halt a home invasion. Once again, Obama found himself on the wrong side of the issue as overwhelming majorities of both the House and the Senate voted in favor of this important legislation. Obama's steadfast opposition to SB2165 is indicative of his misplaced priorities on issues of self-defense and personal firearm ownership." (Illinois State Rifle Association, "ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Towa rd Law-Abiding Firearm Owners," Press Release, 8/24/04)

The Bill Was In Response To Homeowner Who Shot Burglar Who Had Broken Into His Home - Twice. "The state handgun bill Obama voted against was a response to the case of a suburban Chicago restaurant owner who shot a burglar who had broken into his home twice."(Mike Robinson, "Keyes Rips Obama Over Opposition To Gun Bill," The Associated Press State & Local Wire, 8/24/04)

In 2004, Obama Called For Federal Legislation To Pre-empt State Concealed Carry Laws. "In a February survey of Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate by the Tribune, Obama said he opposed allowing ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons and that a federal law banning concealed carried weapons except for law enforcement is needed." (Liam Ford, "Keyes Backs Law On Concealed Guns," Chicago Tribune, 8/25/04)

Obama Recently Spoke Out Against Concealed Carry. Obama: "I am not in favor of concealed weapons ... I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations." (Mike Wereschagin and David M. Brown, "Candidates' Gun Control Positions May Figure In Pa. Vote," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/2/08)

In 2001, Obama Voted Against And Helped Defeat Bill To Allow Individuals To Carry Concealed Weapon When They Have Valid Order Of Protection Against Another Person. (S.B. 604, Senate Floor Third Reading, Failed, 29-27-0, 4/4/01, Obama Voted Nay)

"After Extensive Debate On The Senate Floor ... State Sen. Barack Obama (D-13) Helped Defeat A Bill That Would Allow People Who Receive An Order Of Protection To Possess And Carry A Concealed Firearm." (Todd Spivak, "Sen. Obama Helps Defeat A Concealed Firearm Bill," Hyde Park Herald, 4/11/01)

Obama: "Concealed-carry laws would only increase the problem of handgun violence and ultimately make the streets less safe everywhere ... It was a bad idea and I'm glad it failed..." (Todd Spivak, "Sen. Obama Helps Defeat A Concealed Firearm Bill," Hyde Park Herald, 4/11/01)

In The U.S. Senate, Obama Voted Twice To Hold Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers And Importers Of Firearms And Ammunition Liable For The Acts Of Criminals. (S. 397, CQ Vote #206: Motion Agreed To 66-32: R 53-1; D 13-30; I 0-1, 7/26/05, Obama Voted Nay; S. 397, CQ Vote #219: Passed 65-31: R 50-2; D 14-29; I 1-0, 7/29/05, Obama Voted Nay)

FACT: Obama Has Received "F" Ratings From The National Rifle Association:

In 2004, 2002 And 1998, Obama Received "F" Ratings From The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund. The NRA has given Obama 3 "F's." (National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund Website,, Accessed 1/8/08; National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund Website,, Accessed 1/8/08; 1998 Illinois National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund Political Preference Chart, p.2)

John McCain, Press Release - Nevada Sportsmen and Women for McCain Co-Chair Addresses Barack Obama's Comments About Governor Sarah Palin Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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