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Press Release - Names Missouri Leadership Team; Endorsed by Sen. Kit Bond, Rep. Bill Emerson

January 12, 1996

Missouri Senator Christopher "kit" Bond and Congressman Bill Emerson today endorsed the Presidential bid of Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and were named Honorary Missouri Co-Chairmen for the campaign. They will lead a high-powered team of Missouri Republicans -- including dozens of state legislators -- who announced their support at a St. Louis news conference with the GOP frontrunner this afternoon. At the event, Dole also announced that Allen Allred would become the Missouri Chairman of the campaign.

In announcing his endorsement, Bond said: "Anyone who has watched the historic budget battle taking place in Washington over the past few months knows why America needs Bob Dole as President. While Bill Clinton has used scare tactics and obstructionism to stand in. the way of real change, Bob Dole stood up for what we believed in. He went toe-to-toe with the President and demanded a balanced budget and tax relief for America's families, and he led the Senate in passing historic welfare reform. Bob Dole's proven leadership puts him head- and-shoulders above the rest of the Republican field. That is why I am so proud to support Bob Dole for President and why I am certain he will carry Missouri on the way to the White House next fall."

"Bob Dole understands the needs of the American farmer better than any other candidate," said Emerson in announcing his endorsement. "From his childhood in the fields of Kansas to his leadership on agricultural and child nutrition issues in Congress, he has fought to maintain the strength of American agriculture. I know Missouri voters will stand with me as we support Bob Dole for President."

"Missouri and Kansas share more than a common border," said Dole as he announced the leadership team. "They share a common set of values: honesty, hard work, personal responsibility, love of country, and love of family. It is these values that have guided me throughout my career, and it is these values that I will take with me to the White House. I am proud that this prestigious group of Missouri political leaders has decided to join my campaign, and I look forward to working with them as we continue our fight for common-sense conservative values."

Bond becomes the 27th U.S. Senator to join the Dole campaign. The Dole campaign also has secured the support of 20 Republican Governors, stores of House Members, and hundreds of state and local elected officials. The latest CNN/USA Today poll shows Dole leading the Republican field with 49% of the vote -- 38 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival. The same survey showed Dole beating Clinton in a head-to-head matchup by 49% to 46%.



Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond

Congressman Bill Emerson


Allen Allred


Jan Klarich

Bobbie Kapps Moore

David Steelman

1st Congressional District Co-Chaimen

Honorable Dorothy Johnston

Honorable Stephen Higgins

2nd Congressional District Chairwoman

Ann Wagner

3rd Congressional District Chairman

Honorable Kurt Odenwald

Jeanne Hacker

4th Congressional District

Billie Pinkepank

5th Congressional District Co-Chairmen

Michael "Mike" Ketchmark

Buford "Bunk" Farrington

6th Congressional District Co-Chairmen

Gary Black

Ronald "Ron" Muck

Tina Tucker

7th Congressional District Chairwoman

Honorable Cindy Stein

8th Congressional District Co-Chairmen

Honorable Robert "Bob" Bales

Honorable Gail Green

9th Congressional District Co-Chairmen

Honorable Cynthia Beale

Lon Enghauser


Rep. Jon Bennnett, 15th District

Senator Roseann Bentley, 30th District

Jean Paul Bradshaw

Rep. Harriet Brown, 13th District

Rep. Gary L. Burton, 128th District

Rep. Bonnie Sue Cooper, 32nd District

Rep. Laurie Donovan, 74th District

Senator Steve Ehlmann, 23rd District

Rep. Michael R. Gibbons, 94th District

Senator Sam Graves, 12th District

Rep. John E. Gresheimer, 109th District

Rep. Chuck Gross, 18th District

Jack Hyle

Rep. Mary C. Kasten, 158th District

Senator Bill Kenney, 8th District

Senator Peter Kinder, 27th District

Senator David Klarich, 26th District

Rep. William G. Marshall, 133rd District

Rep. Emmy McClelland, 91st District

Rep. Jim Mitchell, 148th District

Senator Walt Mueller, 15th District

Rep. Patrick A. Naeger, 155th District

Rep. Cindy Ostmann, 14th District

Rep. Fred Pouche, 30th District

Rep. Mark Richardson,

Republican Minority Leader

Representative Estel Robirds, 143rd District

Rep. Carson Ross, 55th District

Rep. David Schwab, 157th District

Senator Betty Sims, 24th District

Senator Marvin Singleton, 32nd District

Rep. Paul Sombart 117th District

Senator Irene Treppler, 1st District

Rep. Dale Whiteside, 7th District

Rep. Connie Wible Murray, 135th District

Rep. Chuck Wooten, 137th District

Rep. Marilyn A. Pavia-Edwards, 105th District

Robert Dole, Press Release - Names Missouri Leadership Team; Endorsed by Sen. Kit Bond, Rep. Bill Emerson Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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