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Press Release - Mitt Romney Announces Support of Congressman Robert Dold

November 14, 2011

Mitt Romney today announced the support of Illinois Congressman Robert Dold.

"In his short time in Washington, Congressman Dold has been a bold voice for getting Washington off its spending addiction," said Mitt Romney. "Creating jobs and getting our economy moving again are goals that can be achieved by working with budget-cutters like Congressman Dold and having a president that recognizes the magnitude of our spending problem. I will work with leaders like Congressman Dold to restore our nation's fiscal health and ensure that our children are not burdened with debt."

"Last week Mitt Romney laid out bold, bipartisan solutions to our nation's fiscal problems," said Congressman Dold. "We are spending 40 cents of every dollar on interest toward our debt, and without a change in direction, we might find ourselves in a hole that we can't get out of. Mitt Romney spent his life in the private sector and knows that you can't be a viable enterprise if you spend more than you take in. I have worked in Congress to pass legislation that would strengthen the economy by creating the economic certainty that small businesses need to grow and create new jobs. I look forward to working with Mitt Romney to pass commonsense legislation our job creators need to expand and get our economy moving again."

Background On Congressman Robert Dold:

Congressman Dold was elected in 2010 and serves the 10th District of Illinois. Congressman Dold serves on the House Financial Services Committee. As a small business owner, he has faced many of the challenges confronting business leaders today and is using that firsthand experience in Washington to help find ways to create more jobs and strengthen the economy.

Mitt Romney, Press Release - Mitt Romney Announces Support of Congressman Robert Dold Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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