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Press Release - Mayor Adrian Fenty Endorses Barack Obama

July 17, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC - Mayor Adrian Fenty announced today his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President. Fenty praised Obama's effort to change our politics, declaring that Obama is the only candidate who can bring Americans together and heal the country. Fenty, in addition to publicly endorsing Obama, will serve as the Chairman of his Washington, D. C. campaign.

"I believe a new era of hope is upon us-in both the District of Columbia and the entire nation," said Mayor Fenty. "Barack Obama is the candidate that can reach across party lines and inspire pride in our government again."

"We are the only capital of a democracy in the world without a vote in the national legislature," Fenty added. "Senator Obama has committed to empower those who have been locked out of our political process for far too long, and his commitment to helping Washington obtain full representation in Congress is particularly important to our residents."

Adrian Fenty, the current mayor of the District of Columbia, is the youngest mayor in the city's history. Prior to being elected mayor, Mr. Fenty served in the District's city council since 2000, where he helped attract new homes and new jobs, heightened police responsiveness and expanded community policing. As mayor, he is fighting for Washington, D. C. voting rights and initiating proposals for educational excellence.

"Washington is fortunate that it gets to count on Adrian Fenty. Today, I'm proud to declare that I can count on Adrian as well," Senator Obama said. "Last fall, Mayor Fenty brought a new generation of leadership to Washington by knocking on every door and practicing the kind of grassroots, bottom-up politics that can bring about real change. That's what we're trying to do in this campaign, and I'm honored that he's joining us in that effort."

Mayor Fenty's endorsement comes as Senator Obama prepares to lay out his urban poverty agenda tomorrow at THEARC in Ward 8 of Washington, D. C. Obama will address ways to transform our politics so that we can change the odds for urban America, a commitment he shares with Mayor Fenty and a cause that first led him into public service as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago almost twenty-five years ago.

Barack Obama, Press Release - Mayor Adrian Fenty Endorses Barack Obama Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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