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Press Release - Magical Misery Tour Wrap-Up: Running on Empty

August 18, 2011

"We would not have seen the president on a bus tour had his first 940 days in office been successful. President Obama has not gotten the job done and his policies have failed. He's hoping that by going on a three day bus tour he can make up for hundreds of days of failure." –Mitt Romney

After Three Days Of Bluster And Blame, President Obama Has Offered Nothing New To Help Americans Get Back To Work And Heal Our Economy:

On Day Three, President Obama Continued His Pattern Of Blaming Others For The Economy, "Castigating" Republicans For Opposing Tax Increases. "Most of his remarks during the tour kicked off with a call for political unity to tackle the nation's problems, but quickly shifted from there ... When he wasn't telling Americans about the need for political compromise, he was castigating Republican do-nothings. ... John Geer, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University, said Obama should decide before long which theme he wants to employ and stick with it. 'You have to decide which way to go,' Geer said. 'You can't have both. He's flailing away.'" (James Oliphant, "Obama Bus Tour Provides Glimpse Of Reelection Strategy," Los Angeles Times, 8/17/11)

During His "Campaign-Style Bus Tour," President Obama Has Been Telling America "That Republicans Are To Blame And He Has Ideas," But There Is "Little Positive News To Work With." "[President Obama] has gotten little lift from his current campaign-style bus tour through Middle America where he has been seeking to convince Americans that Republicans are to blame and he has ideas to create jobs. But he has little positive news to work with." (Laura Macinnis, "Obama To Unveil Economic Plan In September Speech," Reuters, 8/17/11)

  • Details Of The President's Alleged "Fresh Ideas ... Appeared To Be A Compilation Of Old Proposals." "The White House on Wednesday said President Barack Obama would unveil fresh ideas to jump-start the economy and cut deficits, but details offered so far appeared to be a compilation of old proposals." (Laura Macinnis, "Obama To Unveil Economic Plan In September Speech," Reuters, 8/17/11)
  • "[T]he President Has Been Repeating Well-Tread Proposals To Boost Hiring..." (Laura Macinnis, "Obama To Unveil Economic Plan In September Speech," Reuters, 8/17/11)
  • "The Administration Is Mulling How To Encourage Banks To Start Lending Again, Among Other Ideas For Which He Offered No Specifics." "[President Obama] said many banks have overcome their financial woes but are not lending as freely as before. Obama said the administration is mulling how to encourage banks to start lending again, among other ideas for which he offered no specifics." (Jim Kuhnhenn, "Obama: Another Year Or More For Housing Turnaround," The Associated Press, 8/17/11)

According To Gallup, Only 26% Of Americans Approve Of President Obama's Handling Of The Economy. "A new low of 26% of Americans approve of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy, down 11 percentage points since Gallup last measured it in mid-May and well below his previous low of 35% in November 2010." (Lydia Saad, "New Low Of 26% Approve Of Obama On The Economy," Gallup, 8/17/11) FLASHBACK: Then-Sen. Obama, In 2008: "You Know, Politicians, They Get Up And Make A Lot Of Promises And Then Things Don't Change, And So People Become Cynical." (Barack Obama, Remarks In Martinsville, VA, 8/20/08)

Mitt Romney, Press Release - Magical Misery Tour Wrap-Up: Running on Empty Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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