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Press Release - Letter From Dole Campaign Manager to Jack Kemp

March 07, 1996

As you know, the Forbes campaign has waged the most extensive, most expensive negative ad campaign in American political history. Perhaps that was why, during your press conference yesterday to endorse Steve Forbes, you stated, "I'm not here to campaign against Bob Dole" and even praised Senator Dole's "incredible, incredible career for which all Republicans, indeed, all Americans, can be very, very grateful." Steve Forbes himself recently admitted that his attack strategy was a "mistake" and promised to stop relying on negative ads.

Yet despite those pledges, the Forbes campaign this week launched another negative attack ad against Senator Dole in New York. Indeed, at the very moment those words of reassurance were coming out of your mouth, the Forbes campaign was airing negative attack ads in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and New York City.

Steve Forbes has referred to you as his "guru-in-chief." We ask you to use your powerful influence with Steve Forbes by asking him to stop his recurring hypocrisy of claiming to run a campaign of ideas while spending tens of millions of dollars with the sole intent of tearing down Senator Dole and the Republican Party. At a time when Senator Dole is working to unify the Republican Party behind a confident conservative agenda of lower taxes, economic growth, and traditional values, we hope that you will call on Steve Forbes to stop these attacks and concentrate on our common goal of defeating Bill Clinton in November.


Scott Reed

Campaign Manager

Robert Dole, Press Release - Letter From Dole Campaign Manager to Jack Kemp Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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