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Press Release - ICYMI: Graham Joins POLITICKING With Larry King On Ora TV And Hulu

November 21, 2015

Graham: "I Really Believe That After 35 Trips To Iraq And Afghanistan, After 30 Years In The Air Force, 140 Days On The Ground As An Air Force Reservist In Iraq And Afghanistan, That I Am Best Prepared To Be Commander-In-Chief."

Alexandria, VA — Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham joined Larry King on an episode of POLITICKING on Ora TV and Hulu to discuss the terror attacks in Paris, ISIL and the threats they pose to our nation, how to defeat radical Islam, and why he's best prepared to be Commander-in-Chief. In case you missed it, watch last night's episode here.

"Our Values And Our National Security Go Together. The Character Of Our Nation And Our National Security Are Tied Together."

(POLITICKING, "Lindsey Graham: Paris Attacks Will Alter 2016 Race," Ora Tv/Hulu, 11/20/15)


"What have I learned from all of my visits? That ISIL can't be contained. It can't be compromised with. It has to be destroyed."

"Here's The Good News: Most People In The Region, Larry, Are Not Buying What ISIL Is Selling. Very Few Mothers And Fathers Want To Turn Their Daughters Over To ISIL." "The region is ready to go after ISIL, they just need our help. Let them lead this war, but we have to be part of the effort...Here's what you do: you go to the people within the faith. The overwhelming majority of Muslims reject this ideology. You go in on the ground with a regional army. There are large armies inside Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey. Use their army with Western integrated forces so that we can win. But after you destroy the Caliphate, you have to stay involved."

"Here's how you win the war: a young girl having an education with the voice about the future of her children throughout the Middle East destroys radical Islam."

"Their Capability To Bring Down Airliners, To Bomb Places In Lebanon, To Have A Multiple Attack In A Major City Convinces Me That They're Not Being Contained."

"I think the American public understands that they're coming here next if we don't stop them over there. There's two places you can fight this war; on the streets of Raqqa or on American streets or European capitals. I choose to fight them in their backyard not ours and I really do believe having been in the region for a really long time that the conditions are ripe for the demise of ISIL with American leadership...Their capability to bring down airliners, to bomb places in Lebanon, to have a multiple attack in a major city convinces me that they're not being contained."

"Embrace Those In The Faith Who Would Live In Peace With Us. Try To Build Up Society So That They Have A Hopeful Life Versus A Glorious Death Being Offered By The Terrorists. That's What We Need To Do."

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Lindsey Graham, Press Release - ICYMI: Graham Joins POLITICKING With Larry King On Ora TV And Hulu Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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