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Press Release - ICYMI: Cruz in the News in Iowa

July 08, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas — On Monday and Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, visited Iowa. Below are excerpts from the press coverage of Sen. Cruz's swing through the Hawkeye State:

KCAU: Cruz visits Sioux City

"The 'Washington cartel,' the career politicians in both parties, they don't want to address illegal immigration..." Cruz, whose father migrated to the U.S. from Cuba says immigration reform is a matter of national security. The Texas senator says if he becomes president, immigration, tax reform and protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens will be among his top priorities. Cruz has a strong backing in Iowa...He told ABC9 News that grassroots campaigns is what will help him stand out."

KCCI: Cruz stops in Des Moines

"Cruz will get the vote of Betty Odgaard, who owns the Gortz House in Grimes, because of Cruz's view of religious liberty. Odgaard was sued for refusing to host a same-sex wedding because of her Mennonite beliefs. 'We have enjoyed getting to know him and tell him him our story. He is so passionate about religious liberty, biggest issue in our country today,' Odgaard said. 'There is a liberal intolerance that seeks to punish and persecute those who follow a biblical teaching of marriage. That is scary, it is wrong and it is contrary to who we are as American people,' Cruz told Fodor...'We have conservatives, libertarians, Evangelicals, Republican women. We have the coalition it will take to win Iowa and win nationally,' Cruz said."

Radio Iowa: Cruz: Washington "corrupted by the 'cartel' of lobbyists and special interests

"Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz says his new book will show grassroots Republicans how their current national leaders are corrupted by the "cartel" of lobbyists and special interests in Washington. 'I think what Republican primary voters want to know is when have you stood up to Republican leadership, standing with the people, standing with the constitution, standing with freedom and when have you endured the beatings from Democrats, from the media and from the Republican leadership, from the Washington cartel,' Cruz told reporters this afternoon..."

Quad-City Times: Cruz ready to take on the 'cartel'

"'Here's how the Washington cartel works: When you have a handful of giant players making millions upon millions of dollars, they write checks to all the politicians that continue the special benefits,' Cruz said. 'Let me tell you who doesn't have the lobbyist in Washington: the single mom who's going to the grocery store who's seen her wages stagnate and who sees the price of food going up each and every week.'"

Siouxland News: A Time for Truth in Iowa

"'The role of that Iowa plays is critical,' said Senator Ted Cruz, Texas, 2016 Presidential Candidate. 'If we started presidential elections in a large state, if we started in California or New York or Texas, it would be decided all by slick Hollywood TV ads. The great thing about Iowa is the men and women here; you have opportunity to look candidates in the eyes.'"

Ted Cruz, Press Release - ICYMI: Cruz in the News in Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/315301

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