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Press Release - Governor Bill Richardson Announces Utah Steering Committee

July 13, 2007

SANTA FE, NM -- Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson continued to strengthen his campaign in the Western United States today with the announcement of the Richardson for President Utah Steering Committee.

"I believe that in 2008, the road to the White House runs through the West, and this is an important part of my strategy," said Governor Richardson. "I am proud that these Utah leaders have joined my campaign and I am confident that they will help me win in Utah and throughout the region."

Governor Richardson's Utah campaign will be co-Chaired by Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, Utah State Senator Ross Romero, and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

"Governor Richardson is far and away the best-qualified candidate in the race, and he has the strongest vision for the future of this country," said Mayor Anderson. "I know that from day one, he will be ready to lead us out of Iraq, he will be ready to tackle energy independence and global warming, and he will be ready to improve our schools nationwide. I am excited to join his team and we'll work tirelessly to help put him in the White House."

"Governor Richardson has always been there for Utah and Utah Democrats, whether it's helping our candidates get elected or moving us up the primary schedule. As a Western Governor, he understands our values and our concerns," said State Senator Romero.

Below is a complete list of the members of the Richardson for President Utah Steering Committee:

Peter Corroon, Mayor, Salt Lake County, Co-Chair

Ross Romero, Senator, Utah State Senate, Co-Chair

Rocky Anderson, Mayor, Salt Lake City, Co-Chair

LaWanna Lou Shurtliff, Representative, Utah State House

Mark A. Wheatley, Representative, Utah State House

Josie Valdez, Minority Affairs Director, City of Salt Lake

Joe Gallegos, Hispanic Activist

Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Hispanic Activist

David Ybarra, Hispanic Activist

Bill Richardson, Press Release - Governor Bill Richardson Announces Utah Steering Committee Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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