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Press Release - GOP Passes 1996 Republican Party Platform

August 08, 1996

The Platform Committee of the 1996 Republican National Convention today passed a final draft of the Republican Party Platform- Standing stark coast to the failed' Clinton record, the Republican Party Platform outlines the Dole agenda for a better America with more opportunities smaller government and stronger and safer families.

The Platform document brings together the views of Republicans from around the country and reflects the common agenda for America's future Some key Provisions:


Underscoring the Republican Party its commitment to created a not because American people are under-taxed, but government spends too much. The platform calls for:

Underscoring the Republican acknowledgement that deficits are created not because the American people are under-taxed, but because government spends too much. The platform calls for:

* A 15% across-the-board cut to marginal tax rates;

* A $ 500 per child tax credit;

* Repeal of the 1993 Clinton tax hike on Social Security benefits:

* A 50% reduction of the top tax rate on capital gains to spur investment; and

* Expansion of Individual Retirement Account (IRAs) and establishment of spousal to encourage and investment.


The platform maintain that a balanced budget and lower taxes go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the platform calls for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget.

An end to the deficit will once again make it possible for all Americans to the to realize the American Dream American Dream.


The document states that under Bill Clinton's tenure, violent crime has turned American homes into prisons and streets and schoolyards into battlegrounds. Recognizing that while the federal governments role is essential, law enforcement must remain in the hands Of local communities, directed by state and local officials. The Platform encourages:

* Tougher federal penalties for child pornography,

* Enactment of state truth-in-sentencing laws which require violent felons to serve at least 85% of their sentences.

* No-frills prisons where prisoners are required to work while serving, more of their sentence:

* A President Commission to study more effective methods to prosecute terrorists.

To combat surging juvenile crime, the Platform promises to stress accountability at every step in the system and require adult trials for Juveniles who commit adult crimes. The Platform also recognizes the forgotten rights of victims by proposing a Constitutional amendment to protect victim"s rights.


The Platform charges that Bill Clinton has surrendered in the War on Drugs. As a result of his neglect recent marijuana use is up 200% for kids as young as 14 to 15 year old. Overall teenage drug use has increased each year Clinton has been in office. This is a national disgrace. The Platform states, in no uncertain terms, the commitment of the Republican Party to combat juvenile drug abuse by making drug testing a routine feature of the justice system, including the juvenile justice system.


The iteration plank of the Platform states that ours is "a nation of immigrants" and that "we should welcome those who follow our laws and that a better life. " At the same time, it recognizes that illegal immigration has reached crisis proportions. The Platform addresses the need to curb abuses from illegal immigration by:

* Tightening border enforcement;

* Speeding the deportation process of criminal aliens;

* Instituting tougher penalties for over-staying visas; and

* Restricting public assistance to illegal aliens to emergency aid.

The Platform also calls for harsher penalties against exploiters who smuggle illegal aliens and those who profit from the production of false documents while expressing opposition to implementation of a national ID system.


The Republican Platform's goal is nothing less than a renaissance in American education, beginning with a return of control to Parents, teachers, and local school boards and, through them, to communities and local taxpayers. The Republican party supports for.

Policies to make parental choice among public, private and religious schools and reality for all Parents. These include charter schools and opportunity scholarships which provide access to a quality education for all Americans.

Continuing to recognize that education should be a local-not federal-concern, the Platform calls for:

Prompt repeal of Clinton's Goals 2000 and the School-to-Work Act;

Opposition to outcome- or performance-based education in our nation's schools.


The goal of the Republican Party is to maintain the quality of America's health care more accessible and more affordable. The platform expresses support for:

* Health insurance that's portable from job to job;

* Health insurance which can not be denied because of preexisting health conditions; and

* Tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) so that individuals can plan for their own medical needs.


The abortion plank of the Republican Party Platform remains pro-life, It also reflects that ours is the party of the open door. The plank recognizes that there are differing views on the issue of abortion and the principle of tolerance for those who may disagree is expressed in diversity language included in the plank.

care while making health care and health

The Platform expresses support for:


In Contrast to the rudderless foreign policy of the Clinton administration, the Platform continues the Republican Party's recognition that Democracy is the Guarantor of peace in a dangerous world. It therefore pledges to vigorously support restoring the promotion of democracy worldwide as a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy. The Platform calls for:

* An expansion of NATO no later than 1998 to include Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

* Supporting America's men and women in uniform who am serving in Bosnia and Herzegovina while looking forward to their timely withdrawaL

* Encouraging Russia to respect the sovereignty and independence of its neighbors.

* Reaffirming the Republican Party's commitment to the independence of all those formerly captive nations still recovering from the long night of Soviet Communism.

* Support for Israel's efforts to find peace and security with its neighbors and for Israel's right to make its own decisions regarding security and boundaries.

Robert Dole, Press Release - GOP Passes 1996 Republican Party Platform Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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