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Press Release - Fred Thompson: Tough on Illegal Immigration, Strong on Border Security

September 05, 2007

Received "A+" from Pro-Border Security Organization

(McLean, VA) Senator Fred Thompson has been a consistent supporter of conservative immigration proposals that would improve border security; eliminate incentives for illegal immigrants to come to the United States and obtain welfare benefits; and strengthen employment verification procedures. He has an "A+" rating from Americans for Better Immigration for his senate voting record on border security issues.


OPPOSED the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform Bill.

OPPOSES amnesty for illegal immigrants.

SUPPORTS tougher border control along the U.S./Mexican border.

SUPPORTS increased penalties against alien smuggling and document fraud.


Fred Thompson Voted For The "Illegal Immigration Reform And Immigrant Responsibility Act Of 1996."

(H.R. 3610, Roll Call Vote #200, Bill Passed 72-27: R 50-3; D 22-24, 7/18/96, Thompson Voted Yea)

Improvements to border control, facilitation of legal entry and interior enforcement

• Enhanced enforcement and penalties against alien smuggling and document fraud;

Restrictions on benefits for illegal immigrants.

Fred Thompson Voted For "The Immigration Control And Financial Responsibility Act Of 1996" As Part Of The Senate Judiciary Committee And On The Senate Floor.

(S. 1664, Roll Call Vote #107, Cloture Motion Passed 100-0, 5/2/96, Thompson Voted Yea).

Eliminated incentives for legal immigrants to come to the United States and obtain welfare benefits.

• Development of a system to verify eligibility to work and receive public assistance

Strengthened existing employment-verification procedures, including (1) social security account information; (2) types of acceptable documents; (3) birth certificates; and (4) driver's licenses.

• Authorized INS wiretaps for alien smuggling investigations

Thompson understands mainstream conservative's view about the problem of illegal immigration in America and their frustration that government can't seem to get the most basic responsibilities right for its citizens.


"Most Americans know that we have an illegal immigration problem in this country, with perhaps as many as 20 million people residing here unlawfully. And I think most Americans have a pretty good idea about how to at least start solving the problem - secure our nation's borders. ...

"Is it any wonder that a lot of folks today feel like they're being sold a phony bill of goods on border security? A 'comprehensive' plan doesn't mean much if the government can't accomplish one of its most basic responsibilities for its citizens - securing its borders. A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation." (May 21, 2007,

Fred Thompson, Press Release - Fred Thompson: Tough on Illegal Immigration, Strong on Border Security Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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