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Press Release - On FOX Business' Mornings With Maria, Graham Says "If I Were President, [ISIL] Would Be Small, Poor, And On The Run."

November 24, 2015

Graham: "If I'm President, They're Going To Be Worried — The Terrorists — About Making A Phone Call Or Getting In A Car."
(Mornings With Maria, "Graham: Turkey punched Russia in the nose, good for Turkey," FOX Business, 11/24/15)


"I've Had A Plan In Place For Two Years, Because We Need American Boots As Part Of A Regional Force In Iraq And Syria To Destroy ISIL Before We Get Hit Here At Home."

"Here's What I Would Do If I Were President: I Would Go To Turkey, I Would Go To All Of The Arabs Who Are Threatened By ISIL..." "they really do believe ISIL will make their countries part of the caliphate and cut their heads off. So I'd rally all of the Arabs and Turkey, get a large force, we'd be about 10% of it to make sure they aren't alone with France. We'd go in and pull the caliphate up by the roots. We'd take Raqqa back; the caliphate would fold like cheap suit. We'd help the Iraqis more substantially than we are today. Then we'd turn to Assad, Russia and Iran and say you've got to go... the Syrian people, if I'm President of the United States, will pick who leads their nation and not the Iranians. I'm not going to give another capital in the Arab world to the Iranians, so let's get on with doing this before we get hit here at home."

"Our President Is Pathetically Weak In The Face Of Aggression. He's A Weak Opponent Of Evil And A Poor Champion Of Freedom."

"At What Point In Time Do You Realize He Doesn't Know What He's Doing?"
"[Obama] doesn't want to be Bush so bad he's letting the world fall apart. He doesn't want to break campaign promises. He promised to end wars; well he started about 12 and we're losing the two that we had won. So at the end of the day, he's a man that doesn't know what he's doing. He's locked into his own rhetoric. He looks like a zombie when he talks about ISIL... The whole world is falling apart and we're doing absolutely nothing about it. We have no sense of urgency... He pulled out of Iraq against sound military advice. Everybody, including Hilary Clinton, said a no fly zone. He told us ISIL was the JV team that Bin Laden is dead, and Al Qaeda is decimated. At what point in time do you realize he doesn't know what he's doing?"

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Lindsey Graham, Press Release - On FOX Business' Mornings With Maria, Graham Says "If I Were President, [ISIL] Would Be Small, Poor, And On The Run." Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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