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Press Release - Former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont Endorses Dole

February 18, 1996

Speaking at a rally today in Exeter, New Hampshire, former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont endorsed Senator Bob Dole for President.

Du Pont praised Dole for his role in advancing the conservative Republican agenda. "Bob Dole has been the co-captain of the Republican agenda," du Pont said. "He is best suited of all the candidates to be its commander-in-chief."

"There are three leading candidates in this race," du Pont continued, "a protectionist, a moderate, and a conservative. The last protectionist Republican president lost in a landslide to F.D.R. The last moderate couldn't win re-election against a weak Bill Clinton. But the last conservative Republican president led our country to the greatest peacetime economic growth since 1776, to 18 million new jobs, and to victory in the cold war with the Soviet Union.

In 1996 Ronald Reagan's banner is being carried by Bob Dole. Bob Dole is the conservative Republican candidate," said du Pont.

"We're delighted that Governor du Pont is joining our crusade to change America," said Dole Campaign Manager Scott Reed. "This distinguished and eloquent Governor is dedicated to the conservative vision of cutting taxes and rolling back the power of big government."

Delaware holds its GOP primary on February 24 and will send 12 delegates to the Republican National Convention in San Diego in August.

Robert Dole, Press Release - Former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont Endorses Dole Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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