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Press Release - Forbes Loses His Cool in Iowa

February 09, 1996

Lashes Out At Religious Conservatives

GOP Presidential candidate Steve Forbes claimed today that "anonymous callers" were to blame for his slipping campaign in Iowa. He also attacked the Christian Coalition for distributing a Caucus voter guide which demonstrates that Forbes does not support the GOP pro-life position.

Marlene Elwell -- who ran Pat Robertson's 1988 campaign and is currently Iowa Political Director for Bob Dole -- said that Forbes' attack was "sad, but not surprising. I remember when Forbes' personally insulted Pat Robertson as a 'toothy flake.'"

"Steve Forbes knows he must finish a strong second in Iowa, or his campaign is in serious trouble. But he won't get there by hurling ridiculous, totally unfounded accusations at Bob Dole, Pat Robertson, even the Christian Coalition," Elwell said.

"The only person distorting Steve Forbes' record is Steve Forbes. That's because his record is clear -- he's a liberal on social issues. He refuses to defend the Republican Party platform's protection of the rights of the unborn. And Ann Stone, Chairman of Republicans for Choice has praised him as 'our best person left' because he's 'against any regulation in the first trimester.' (USA Today, 11/22/95)

"On the topic of gays in the military, Steve Forbes said: "On the subject of don't ask/don't tell, I say, 'don't change.' (Armed Forces Journal, January, 1996) That's clearly an unequivocal endorsement of Bill Clinton's liberal policy.

"Instead of lashing out, Steve Forbes ought to keep his cool and try to defend his own record. Blaming religious conservatives for his problems won't win him many votes," Elwell concluded.

Robert Dole, Press Release - Forbes Loses His Cool in Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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