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Press Release - Even More Headlines From The Obama Economy

July 06, 2012

President Obama's Policies Have Not Succeeded In Bringing Our Economy Back:

Politico: "Zombie Economy Threatens Obama" (Politico, 7/6/12)

The Washington Post: "For Obama, A Jobs Report That Keeps Stinging" (The Washington Post, 7/6/12)

Reuters: "Jobs Disappointment Knocks Wall Street Lower" (Reuters, 7/6/12)

ABC News: "Flat Jobs Report Brings Bad News For Obama" (ABC News, 7/6/12)

CBS News: "June Jobs Report Hanging Over Obama Bus Tour" (CBS News, 7/6/12)

The Daily Beast: "Grim Jobless Report Wounds Obama" (The Daily Beast, 7/6/12)

Associated Press: "5 Million Jobs Still Missing Since Recession Ended" (Associated Press, 7/6/12)

Financial Times: "Job Figures A Setback For Obama" (Financial Times, 7/6/12)

Reuters: "Wall Street Ends Lower On Jobs Report" (Reuters, 7/6/12)

MarketWatch: "Jobs Report Sinks Stocks" (MarketWatch, 7/6/12)

MSNBC: "Stocks Slammed By Gloomy Jobs Report" (MSNBC, 7/6/12)

President Obama's Reaction To The Grim Economic News? "A Step In The Right Direction":

ABC News: "Obama: Jobs Report Is 'Step In The Right Direction'" (ABC News, 7/6/12)

Los Angeles Times: "Obama: Jobs Number A 'Step In The Right Direction'" (Los Angeles Times, 7/6/12)

Politico: "Obama On Jobs Report: 'Step In The Right Direction'" (Politico, 7/6/12)

USA Today: "Obama: Jobs Report 'Step In The Right Direction'" (USA Today, 7/6/12)

National Journal: "Obama: Jobs Report Is A 'Step In The Right Direction'" (National Journal, 7/6/12)

Associated Press: "Obama: Job Growth In 'Right Direction,' Economy Has To Grow 'Even Faster'" (Associated Press, 7/6/12)

Yahoo News: "White House On Weak Jobs Report: 'Don't Read Too Much' Into It" (Yahoo News, 7/6/12)

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