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Press Release - Dr. Ben Carson Offers Vision for a Better America at GOP Presidential Debate

February 25, 2016

Houston, Texas — At tonight's CNN Republican presidential debate in Houston, Texas, Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 GOP presidential candidate, again shared his vision — and displayed his determination — for building a better America.

In a debate characterized by personal attacks and hostile rhetoric, Dr. Carson called for candidates to tackle the nation's problems of divisiveness, fiscal irresponsibility and failure of leadership — not by destroying each other — but by focusing on serving the American people. Demonstrating strength and clarity, Dr. Carson expressed his frustrations with the Internal Revenue Service, stood strongly for America's alliance with Israel and outlined his strategy for thwarting the North Korean nuclear threat.

In this race, Dr. Carson has offered common-sense solutions to America's challenges and has issued more detailed policy proposals than any of his opponents. He continues to appeal to the best of the American people and believes that eventually they will be more interested in a presidential candidate's policies and solutions than in his personality. Even more important, not once in this campaign has Dr. Carson compromised his values and principles for political expediency. That is exactly how he will serve in the Oval Office.

In the past week, many in the political and media establishment have said that Dr. Carson has no path forward in the 2016 presidential race. At tonight's debate, Dr. Carson once again proved that talking heads and Beltway insiders do not understand him, and never have.

Dr. Carson has fought — and continues to fight — for those who have been ignored for far too long by Washington. He has built a movement of Americans from every part of the country and every walk of life, including many who had never before participated in the political process, as well as many others who had given up on the country's political leadership.

Unlike the mainstream media and the political establishment, the American people continue to express faith in Dr. Carson's candidacy. Just in the past 24 hours, the Carson for President 2016 Campaign has raised record funds from an email to existing grassroots supporters.

With less than 5 percent of the delegates selected, this presidential race has just begun. The field has narrowed to five candidates, and tonight's debate only sharpened the contrast between the other candidates' promises and Dr. Carson's vision and values. As President, he will Heal, Inspire and Revive America.

Ben Carson, Press Release - Dr. Ben Carson Offers Vision for a Better America at GOP Presidential Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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