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Press Release - Donald J. Trump Airs New Radio Ads in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina

November 18, 2015

Mr. Trump and Supporters Echo Key Campaign Messages in Early States and Beyond with New Radio Spots

(New York, NY) November 18th, 2015 - Today Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. began airing new radio advertisements in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The ads are part of a $300,000 buy announced earlier this month and feature Mr. Trump, Campaign Co-Chair and Iowa Republican Sam Clovis, New Hampshire resident and Trump for President supporter, Louise Buck.

With recent events putting an added emphasis on illegal immigration, homeland security, strengthening our military, and defeating ISIS, which have been cornerstones of Mr. Trump's campaign since its inception, the ads highlight his vision, leadership and competency.

Mr. Trump stated, "We must address Islamic terrorism and protect our country first. I will lead by example, as I always have, by vowing to defeat ISIS, stop illegal immigration and the Syrian refugee program, secure our border and bring real change to Washington, D.C. I am the only one who can Make America Great Again."

The ads stress the need for real change in Washington, D.C. in order to address problems created by the "all talk, no action politicians" that have failed American's for far too long. Mr. Trump reminds voters he is self-funding his campaign, unlike all the other republican candidates who are funded by scam Super PAC's, lobbyists, and special interests. His financial independence and proven leadership as a job creator and businessman with a hugely successful career built on real results serve as yet another major distinction.

Sam Clovis is an Iowa based conservative serving as national Co-Chair for the campaign. He describes Mr. Trump's candidacy as historical and reinforces Mr. Trump's unparalleled success and proven capability to get things done. Louise Buck is a New Hampshire resident who voices her concerns about homeland security and her support for Mr. Trump as the only choice for a Commander in Chief that will protect American families first.

The new advertisements can be heard

Donald J. Trump, Press Release - Donald J. Trump Airs New Radio Ads in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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