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Press Release - Dole 'Clear Winner' in Iowa Debate

January 14, 1996

The judges have spoken, and the verdict is unanimous: Bob Dole was the clear winner of yesterday's Des Moines Register debate. Here in the words of Iowans, the judges who matter most, is their reaction:

"Debates have winners and I suppose you're wondering who it was. Easy Call. Bob Dole,... Senator Dole is not merely leading the field in Iowa, he is running first, second, and third. He has no meaningful opposition. ... He won, and won big."

Donald Kaul, Des Moines Register,

January 14, 1996

"Dole is seen as the winner of the Iowa event"

Subhead, Lead Story on Debate, Des Moines Register,

January 14, 1996

"Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole of Kansas, the front-runner in the race, also came in for several verbal barbs from his opponents during the meeting. He easily tossed them aside with quick retorts, and experts said Dole probably won the debate because he made no mistakes and came off looking like a president."

David Yapsen and Jonathon Roos, Des Moines Register,

January 14, 1996

"Bob Dole was a winner. ... He came off looking as a leader, He came out looking presidential as compared to almost all the others. He had everything to lose and didn't lose it."

Retired University of Iowa political science

Professor Russell Ross, Des Moines Register,

January 14, 1996

"Dole was more relaxed than I've ever seen him. His wits were very, very quick, and he came out of it very well."

Hugh Winebrenner, political scientist at Drake

University, Des Moines, Reuters,

January 14, 1996

Robert Dole, Press Release - Dole 'Clear Winner' in Iowa Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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